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Introduction: Awesome Hot Pepper Medley/relish/salad

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This hot pepper medley, relish or salad is my interpretation of a locally available but expensive jarred peppers. My Dad and brother liked the peppers a LOT but between per unit cost and shipping they were REALLY expensive so they broke down the recipe and made their own and it quickly turned into a small business and then the economy went ... well... everyone knows where it went..

 The following recipe is my adaptation to dad's recipe. I use it on everything from breakfast eggs to sandwichs and salads. Im a long time pepperhead and this is rather spicey so feel free to adapt to your own tastes

Step 1: Going Shopping

In this instance Im using store bought and jarred peppers but you can substitute fresh peppers

 you'll need
 large jar of sliced jalapenos ... fresh will work but you'll need some juice from another jar of peppers
 2jars of roasted red peppers or a couple of fresh green bell peppers will work
 Hot sauce.. Im using habanero hot sauce but you can use that red water or what ever you like
 Italian dressing
 1med onion... color is upto you, I had a red onion handy
 pepper flakes
 salt and pepper

Step 2: Chop and Dump

slice up the onion to a size that works for you and slice up the peppers, drain the jar of jalapenos and reserve the liquid. Put all the peppers and onions in a pot

Step 3: Oooops

Realize the pot you picked is to small and find a bigger one........ add about half of the reserved jalapeno liquid, half a jar of italian dressing, palm full of dried pepper flakes, tables spoon to half bottle of hot sauce,couple of big tablespoons of chopped garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to simmer, simmer until the onions are softened and the liquid has reduced a bit...about a half hr or 45 minutes

Step 4: Jar It Up

Use safe canning/jarring practices. These don't last long enough around here to go bad but I wash the jar really well and submerge it in boiling water, dry it upside down in a 200 degree oven and finally swish a shot of vodka around the interior and lid.

 Using a ladle or large spoon, place the still HOT peppers into the clean jar and screw on the lid and allow to cool some before placing in the frig.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wow this sounds good. I'm going to try a small batch but I suspect I will be making a big batch next summer with fresh jalas and maybe a habanero or two. I8nite, does that hot sauce say Kajun brand? I'm up north and have trouble finding hot sauce that's truly hot.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I think it was kajan, I got it at the dollar store and it wasn't bad for a dollar! I haven't been able to find it lately though. My go to hot sauce is el yucataro habanero, its available at walmart superstores in my area but I get a larger bottle at a local mexican grocery.Like most chilli heads I have 2 door shelves of the fridge with various hotsauces and a shelf of backups/yet 2 b tried on the pantry shelf. I use fresh peppers when I have them or can get a deal on them but that entails a lot of work and Im basically lazy, buying presliced peppers and combining them is quick and easy and also cuts down on cooking time. This is an evolving recipe and the "ible is really more of a "how I did it" than a recipe. I just bought everything I need to make the latest version that everyone seems to like so watch for a new "ible" in the next couple of days. This isn't meant to be a, blow the top of your head off/make your eyeballs sweat, kind of pepper relish, it starts out a little sweet and tart on the tip of your tongue then works up to a WOW when it works its way back.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I guess I'll be the first person to rate this: *****