Introduction: Awesome Project With Wall Clock

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Hii Friend,

This blog will be awesome bacause in this blog I will make an amazing LED effect circuit using Old Wall clock.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials name are given below that we will need to make this circuit.

(1.)Wall Clock Machine x1

(2.)Battery - 9V x1 (Here I am using 9V Battery with 220 ohm resistor but we can also use 3.7V Battery without resistor)

(3.)Battery Clipper

(4.) Resistor - 220 ohm x1 (When we will connect 3.7V Battery then we don't need to use any resistor)

(5.) LED - 3V x2 (Red and Green)

That's all components

Step 2: Open This Wall Clock Machine

Hey gues we will not be required all components of this machine, Only we need it's internal circuit.Hence Open this machine.

Step 3: Remove This Part

We have to remove this part of this machine.

Step 4: Dissolder the Coil Wire

Here in this circuit we need only kit.So dissolder the coil wire and remove the kit.

Step 5: We Need This Kit

This is the kit that we will need in this project.

Step 6: Connect Green LED

Connect Green LED to this kit at the place of coil wire that was soldered.

Solder +ve leg of green LED to one point of coil and

Solder -ve leg of green LED to another point of coil of the kit as you can see in the picture.

Step 7: Connect 220 Ohm Resistor

Solder 220 ohm resistor to this kit at the place of battery as solder in the picture.

NOTE : If you are using 9V Battery then connect 220 ohm resistor otherwise if you are using 3.7V battery then we don't need to solder 220 ohm resistor.

Step 8: Connect Battery Clipper Wire

Now we have to connect battery clipper wire to this kit.

Solder +ve wire of battery clipper to 220 ohm resistor and

Solder -ve wire of Battery clipper to other point of battery as you can see in the picture.

Step 9: Now Connect Battery

Now our circuit is ready so connect battery to battery clipper and see LED will blinking like as ambulance light.

Step 10: Connect Red LED

Connect Red LED to the kit just opposite legs with Green LED as shown the polarity of LEDs in the picture.

Step 11: Now Connect Battery

Now connect battery to battery clipper and see the effect of LED Blinking.

Both LEDs will blink alternate.

Thank you