Introduction: Cubicle Bookshelf Made From Left Over Flooring

This is a sturdy all wood cubicle bookshelf. It is made from flooring and is held together with only pegs and glue. This book shelf is 3ft wide x 2ft tall and has 6 cubes roughly 1ft each

Step 1: What You Will Need

tools you will need:
craftsman drill/drill bits (to drill the holes for the wooden dowels)
table saw (to rip the width of the shelfs)
radial arm saw(to cut the length of the shelfs)
jig saw ( to cut out where the shelfs enter lock)
file (to smooth the rough edges from the saw)
clamps (hold everything together while the glue dries
rubber mallet(to hit the wood together)
measuring tape

wood ( flooring)
wooden dowels

Step 2: Glue Together the Wood Flooring

glue together the wood floor planks using wood glue and wood dowels.
lay the planks together the way they are going to be glued together and draw a line across the joint then drill a 1/4inch hole for a 1/4 inch dowel on those marks. incert the dowels in the holes and glue the whole joint and squeze together. you are going to need to leave clamped over night till the glue drys.
advice: the tighter the whole ( the closer to 1/4 without wallering out) the tighter and harder it is to fit together.and less you have to clamp and fewer gaps. not much room for error.
the more you waller the wholes out adds looseness to the dowels the easer it fits together and gives a greater tolerance for error. but it will not stay together as easy and the more clamps you will need. a good balance between these too is best it just depends on you level of percision.

Step 3: Cut Wood to Proper Sizes

to make this bookshelf you will need to glue 7 boards:
4 @ 2ft x 12"
2@ 3ft X 12"
1@ 3ft minus(the thickness of two boards, because it is the inside horizontal board) x 12"

Use the table saw to cut the width of the boards after they are glued and dry.
use the radial arm saw to cut to length. cut as square a possible, also if you can cut all the boards that are going to be the same length at the same it will take away from mistakes and adds percision.

Step 4: The Inside Shelfs

cut a channel out the width of the wood half way down the width of the board and 1/2 way down the length of the two 2 ft boards
cut a channel out the width of the wood half way down the width of the board 1/3 and 2/3 the way down the length of the inside horizontal board
then fit together.
after they are fit together add 2 wood dowels to the outside edge of each board.
advice; make sure you drill the holes in the center and down the same measurement every time. it may help to make a templet.also the dolels can not stick out more than the thickness if the boards.

Step 5: Add the Sides

At this point you should have the inside shelfs built and enterlocked and have added wooden dowels to the end of each outside edge.
drill out the rest of holes to the end board and add them to the shelfs.
At this point you should have the center shelf and all four 2ft boards with wooden dowels sticking out both ends.
With the holes for the corresponding dowels it is time to add the top and bottom. this part can be tricky so you might need an extra hand. clamp tight using bar clamps, check for square then leave to let dry.

Step 6: Enjoy

place in your room of choice. I made two and I added some cloth cubes I got from target for storage.
all and all this was a fun project an well worth the time and effort. hope you enjoy.
as you can see leaving the under side unfinished adds for a nice abstract look.

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