Introduction: Bicycle Air-Horn / Fire Extinguisher Air-Horn

This is a simple instructable that Transforms a normal  fire extinguisher into an air tank for an air-horn. and Yes it is loud. you can get about 10 good blast between fill ups.

Step 1: Materials

1) Fire extinguisher with rubber hose for a nozzle
2) Air Horn
3) Air fittings that fit the air-horn and a barb fitting to fit the hose
4) screw on valve stem
5)Hose clamps to attach the horn and tank to the bike.

Step 2: Screw Off the Top

After all the fire suppressant has been discharged and there is no longer any pressure in the tank you should be able to screw off the valve.

Step 3: Add the Valve Stem

Drill a hole and add the screw on valve stem to the  tank. 

Be careful not to get the valve stem in the way of the trigger valve so it can be screwed back on.

Step 4: Add the Hose Fittings

To add the air fitting to the hose -just cut the end off and use a simple barb fitting and a hose clamp.
To add the air fitting to the horn -In the bottom of the horn there is a threaded hole ready for a standard air hose fitting.
After you connect  the fittings to the air-horn and the hose,connect them together. I had to use a step down fitting as well.

Step 5: Connect Together

Connect the air-horn and the tank together and you are ready to charge it up using a air pump and attach it to a bike.
A regular bike hand pump works fine.

Step 6: Honk Honk

Have fun with your portable air-horn. Pee Wee had fun with his
Im sure there are many more things that this horn can be attached to so be creative.

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