Introduction: Awsome DIY Lamp

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Check out how to make this awsome DIY Lamp From scrap. Also check it out on my website [<>mebradsblog]

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

You will need only basic tools for this, obviously, the better your tools, they easier it will be to make. You will need

- a saw, I used a table saw which made it easy but hand saws will work too.
- a drill with bits
- sander(or just sand paper)

The materials needed are easy to come by, I had everything needed laying around my shop.

- wood, any wood will work
- plexi glass, does not matter what thickness you want
- LEDs and controller, I used LED strip lights from ebay, they came with the power supply, remote, and controller board.
- decent glue

Step 2: Cut Your Wood and Plexi

Now the better the saw, the easier it will be. Like I said, I used a table saw which took me less than 10 minutes to cut everything. I cut my wood in 3.5" squares, you can make them any size you want. Do the same with the plexi, be carful not to crack it. My blade kinda burnt and melted through the plexi, but it's easy to clean the edges up with sand paper.

Step 3: The Base Piece of Wood

With the Base Piece of wood, I semi hollowed it out for the counter board to fit in it, it does not have to look pretty, it will be hidden after assembly. I used my drill, filled multiple holes last way through, then a sharp blade to take the extra chunks out. You also want to drill holes for the power cord and IR diode so the remote can see it.

Step 4: Drill Holes in Your Wood and Plexi

I used a hole saw bit for the wood, a 2.5" bit worked perfect for me but you really only need to make the hole big enough for the LED strip to pass through. A hole saw bit on the plexi is not ideal, it also just burnt and melted it so I used a small bit just the right size for the LEDs.

Step 5: Assembly

Take the time to make sure everything fits together nicely. It's ok if it's not perfect, you can sand down imperfections. If it all fits together, glue in the controller board, making sure you can still plug it in to power, and glue the IR diode in where the remote will be able to see it.
Now, piece by piece, pass the LED strip though the holes and glue the wood and plexi together so it looks like the images.
If everything went accordingly, it should look similer to mine.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Once your glue dries, take the time to sand it all down. If you want you can stain the wood or paint it. Pretty easy DIY Lamp, hope you enjoyed reading. Thanks for checking it out.

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