Introduction: Axolotl Badge

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Axolotl: this is the mythical, and unknown, exclusive amphibian of the Valley of Mexico

Ajolote this badge has two LED colors with different patterns of light! As you listen to it, which you can not stop having in your hands. Once the badge kit is soldered and the battery inserted, the two LED flashes and changes color for approximately 24 hours. The switch allows you to turn the device on and off and a battery holder. You can use it as a pin on your clothes, a necklace, a key ring or a bracelet Very basic welding skills are required.

Step 1: History

Axolotl: An Endangered God

2020: The year slated by scientists in which the emblematic Ambystoma mexicanum will disappear forever.

For love of axolotls, awareness of its preservation and proud Mexican heritage, we have joined the Civil Association "Redes and Ecological Restoration" (, allocating 50% of the profits of the kit and be used to help the axolotl and its natural habitat, as well as the awareness that its conservation represents.
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Step 2: Design


  • 2x leds multicolor
  • 1x switch
  • 1x battery holder
  • PCB
  • 1x battery

The design is very simple and was created in the KiCad software only two leds, a switch and battery.

Step 3:

The PCB it's great, an ajolote! :D

We convert the SVG file to PCB with svg2mod for KiCad

Step 4: It`s Real

All the files needed to make your badge are available in

If you want to acquire one of these badges you can do it in our store and support the conservation of the axolotl


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