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By now we know we need a healthy environment for our health & happiness.And so, waste management is important so as to not cause damage environment.This is what Bamboo bottle does.It is eco-friendly,reusable water bottle helping the planet remain cleaner & greener

We were unsatisfied with the excessive use of plastics in simple activities.We were thirsting for a eco-friendly, plastic free water bottle & then thought of designing & making one by ourselves.According to studies,bamboo scrubs out out tons of CO2 & generates more O2. We wanted to try develop such a bottle that people will be comfortable to use with confidence making cities greener & ecological sound as well as safer for generations to come. A study suggests that:In UK,over 35 million bottles are consumed each day out of which ~16 million go unrecycled.This was alarming & hence we decided to design a recyclable & eco-friendly water bottle

Bamboo bottle works on the will of a person to save & preserve the nature & environment. Bamboo bottle is still in the manufacturing state which needs marketing to reach out to maximum people. Bamboo bottle works on the aim to reduce or eliminate plastic waste. It considers the use of eco-friendly biodegradable material so as to bring an alternative for the use and throw or plastic water bottles in general. Bamboo bottle is a normal water bottle with threaded cap. For using it, one has to open the cap first. After filling desired amount of water, close the cap and use it as a regular water bottle. Bamboo bottle is great to maintain the water temperature. It works on the principal of attracting user and satisfying his thirst. We have already started marketing the bottle but we need money to manufacture it on larger scale and reach many people. We are over-whelmed with the response we have got from people. Bamboo bottle is a simpe water for the people, by the people towards sustainable life.


We tried to follow the double diamond (discover, define, develop and deliver) design method. Double diamond consists of discover (we tried to identify where plastic could be replaced) , define(we decided to work on the plastic use in water bottles), develop(after various iterations, we converged to this solution), deliver(after prototyping, we took user reviews). After inculcating some changes, we have finalised this design for now. During the design process, we also kept the energy and environment conservation factors of 3R in mind: Reuse (to design such a bottle that could be reused eliminating the use and throw policy) , Reduce (main aim was to minimise use of plastics) and Recycle (alternative to material that can be recycled and go back to mother Earth or used for other purpose). Every bottle has around 100-120 ml water storage capacity which is sufficient for running or going for a gym. Also, the appearance and quirkiness will make sure we are drinking enough water. Bamboo bottle will help cut down waste from single-use plastic as well as save money in the long run. Design process included anthropology so as to define bottle dimensions right from height, radius of bamboo etc. We took measurements and then concentrated on 95-5% percientile rule. It helped us decide dimensions

Investing in a reusable eco-friendly water bottle is a small action all of us can take to help tackle the problem of plastic waste. We know plastic is not only harmful to nature but to all the living creatures as well. Manufacturing this bottle doesn't harm the humans. Also, disposing it doesn't harm the nature. Generally, the plastics are disposed by land-filling or burnt on the outskirts of the cities harming the health of the people and nature present there. Bamboo bottle is an eco-friendly reusable bottle which is clean, safe and also stylish to use. We have been using the Bamboo bottle water bottle for more about 4 months without any problem. The biggest difference is that Bamboo bottle is made up of biodegradable material. Also, bamboo can be easily recycled after its useful life. It will save the nature as well as money in the long run. Bamboo bottlee can be reused, recycled and reduces the plastic waste. Boozing with water using bamboo plant is the theme of Bamboo bottle

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