Introduction: B.A.Sh, a Inexpensive Bed With Everything You Need

I made this B.A.Sh because my brother moved away and we have his stuff everywhere and I decided to gather everything to one single place in order to make some room, and I could actually put some of my stuff in there too, so it's very cool!

Our apartment is very small, so I was fiddling a way to make some space and this project actually eliminates the space witch was occupied my wardrobe 100*50*200cm.

The wardrobe was cheaply bought at Conforama and my dad made long ago a pseudo "bed base" with basically 3 wood boards, 6 metal legs and so many screws.

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Cheers and happy new year!

Step 1: Prepare Your Tools and Forniture to Turn Them in Something Else

My tools are:

-hand saw, I learned to saw by the hard-way, as a cook I know how to manipulate blades and this one has pretty much the same pattern.

- 2 clamps, to keep wood still when i saw and drill everything precisely, error marge 0.4mm.

-I only own a cheap, wired drill from Leroymerlin.

-a set of screwdrivers from Leroymerlin



-calculator, i didn't use it and I regret it, because I miss-calculated a very hard one and I had to saw again 190cm of board

What you need:

Basically I just used a bed and the wardrobe as base to create this recycled: Bed + Armoire + SHelf = BASH

First dismantle the old bed and wardrobe, don't trow away anything yet everything will be used in the project.

-recycle the screws from the bed and wardrobe

-recycle the wood from the furniture

-I had a set of screws from Ikea

-I bought some cheap pine wood sticks 25*38mm 2.40m, 6 of them for 8€, 2 sets of 6

-aluminium hollow rode 100cm 16mm diameter for 3.95€

-2 screw long 10cm with holes to fit the aluminium hollow rode in 1.10€ each

-2 plastic L shaped ( better one E shaped wide enough for your plywood to scroll without much effort) to hold the top of the scrolling doors 1m each for 2.40 and 2.90

total cost 27.45€

Step 2: Let's Start by Dismantling and Evalutating the Goods

So the final objective is a bed atop of a wardrobe, let's find the measurement to make such furniture.

My bed is 190*90cm a standard mattress.

My wardrobe back cover are 2 thin 0.4cm of ply wood long 200cm

The wardrobe was about 50*100*200cm

The wood carrying the mattress was 95*2,5*200cm of 3 pieces of wood plus some protection against wall and to keep the mattress still.

So basically I took the numbers for a mattress and how long should be a vest in the wardrobe in order to make it.

Minimum size are 90*100*190cm, and my result came out as 97*192*106 of course this was my first project ever and I didn't count the wood thickness, what a dumb error.

ps: It took me 3 entire days to finish it, by trial and errors I finally made it.

Step 3: Let's Make the Skeleton

With the pine wood stick make a skeleton as the ones you see in pictures of house construction in the USA.

I made a simple drawing to show you the skeleton.

First I sawed the wood to the size needed 4 sticks of 190cm long, 8 sticks of 100cm, 8 sticks of 90cm.

First take the 8 of 100 and 8 of 90 cm, and make 4 squares drill each angle instead of screwing directly, the wood will crack if you just screw this step. and don't worry if the wood are not perfectly straight.

Then place the squares one after the other and measure the the wardrobe door size in order to proceed, my wardrobe doors are 2 plywood 50cm large, so the first square to the second square should have a gap of 48cm and do the same for the 2nd and 3rd, the 4th has to go to the end so about 186cm away from the 1st square.

Fix the 4 190cm sticks in each angle of the squares to create a rectangular horizontal pillar, clamp 2 ends then drill and screw.

Do the same thing to the other squares.

The result is not so pleasant you will think this is not gonna last long or I can't have sex on it.

WRONG don't be deceived from what you see, this is gonna support more than 200kg, it doesn't crack and is good for the environment.

Step 4: Now You Have the Skeleton, Lets Put Some "walls" on It

Start taking the measure for your work, if you didn't respect mine and I must tell you: "you don't have to make 100% identical as mine, there are many other variations I thought about".

1)Now find the measure of the wood you are going to put at the base and saw the wood from the wardrobe in size.

In my project I used 2 ply wood from the wardrobe witch were about 50*1.5*200cm and saw it to fit the base.

I placed some spare wood of any size at the bottom of these 2 ply wood because when I walk on it I want it to carry my weight, like table foots.

2)Saw 4 ply wood of the wardrobe to the size of 95 cm and fix them 2 near your head and 2 near your feets part of the bed (I mean when you lie on the bed where are your head and feets), it doesn't matter if they are a bit too long or short, I personally prefer them longer in order to keep the mattress still, you know for what ;-)

3)Take the back of the wardrobe and fix them (saw to 190cm long, clamp them, drill and screw) at the back of your new furniture

Trick: screw every part witch has contact with the skeletal squares, it gives you more stability to the final work and if this doesn't work for you I recommend you placing some more thicker wood for the back.

4)Now we can work with the top part, the bed base, from my dad DIY bed I just placed the 3 wood boards atop and fix them in and make sure to make some holes in order to let your mattress breath!

You need to ask why you big farther? ;-)

You can skip this part if you have a slatted bed base and fix it atop.

Step 5: Finishing

Now take the wardrobe doors and saw to size for the doors, in my case the base was too thin so I had to fix a thicker wood stick and place the plastic rails of the wardrobe on it.

With the plastic 2 L shaped long 1m parts I fixed them one on the other to form a F shape and placed them to the top part of where the sliding doors are.

Then having so many small pieces of wood around I used them to make a shelf in the wardrobe by cutting 4 small cubes of wood and fix them in the skeletal part and place a board on them to make a nice and sturdy shelf.

The other part witch is not a wardrobe I made a simple shelf and storage corner, but I think I will make a door next time.

To finish I fixed a LED strip inside.

Here people in my city trow in the streets furniture everyday so I will go scavenge some metal parts and good wood boards in order to recycle them :-D

Possible upgrades:

-make a computer desk with sliding table to fit in the storage

-a door or another sliding doors to cover the storage corner.

-a library

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