Introduction: BB-8 Pinata DIY

create your own BB-8 pinata at home

Step 1: Things to Buy

orange streamer - dollar tree
wire - dollar tree
tissue paper - dollar tree
paper glue
flour - Wal-Mart
cardboard - scrap pieces

Step 2: First Begin by Cutting Large Circles Out of Cardboard

I cut 3 large circles and taped them together. if you want the shape to be a perfect sphere your going to have to keep adding more and tape more. in my case I didn't have time but in hindsight it would have held up better. but the wire is just fine

Step 3: Adding Wire

here I added a thin gauge wire I bought at the dollar store.
I cut little slices into the cardboard for the wire to slip into.
the more you do here the better it will hold up the shape

Step 4: Paper Mache

my paper mache mix was pretty much just under the thickness of pancake mix.
Just begin adding layer by layer of strips of paper, preferably white. and continue adding layers.

Step 5: Adding the Tissue Paper

after a day of drying.
I start the process of covering the entire sphere with tissue paper. bought from the dollar store.
I begin by folding it down to about a 2 inch tall strip.
then cut it to 6 inch wide.
if you cut it to long it won't easily form around the sphere.
add glue and go from the bottom up.

cut some of the paper off the top.
this will reveal some of the wire.
also it will allow for the candy to be dropped in. the head in the end will cover this hole.

Step 6: Starting the Bb8 Head

with the same bowl, but this time as my shape for the head.
I paper mache the inside with about 2-3 layers

Step 7: Let Dry a Night...

as paper mache dries time to get ready to add tissue paper

Step 8: Adding Detail

Once its ready to start adding the tissue paper.
add white tissue paper then add some
Orange paper streamers bought from the dollar store.

add circles made from construction paper.

Step 9: Your Done!!

make a hole in the center of the top of the head.
Be sure to leave the wire out to pull through the head and out to hold the piñata .