Introduction: BBQ Mushrooms

My secret recipe when I join a BBQ


  • Mushrooms, not to small
  • Cheese, goat is good (like these one ) 200g for 500g of mushroom

  • Chive
  • You can put tofu in, but it's optional (I always put in at the begining, but finally I don't and it's pretty much the same)
  • salt, pepper

Step 1: Prepare

  1. Clean your mushrooms (just remove the soil)
  2. With your hand, split the foot from the head. When you split them, try to keep a big part of the foot to make a hole big enought in the head. Keep all part !
  3. In a bowl, put the mushrooms foot, the cheese, the tofu (optional), chive, salt and pepper, and mix all these with a blender or just a fork.
  4. With a spoon, put the mix in the empty mushroom heads, and that's all. If it's not BBQ time put in the fridge (never try more than 24h but 24h is ok)

Step 2: Cook

Now it's time to turn on the BBQ, but I will suppose you know how to do this part ! (it also works in a hoven, but it's better and more fun in BBQ)

When the BBQ is hot enought, put them on the grid, like 10min, the will shrink a little bit and be soft outside.

Step 3: Bonus, to Have a Full Meal

Now you have the BBQ already hot, put potatos and Camembert in aluminium foil, and put them directly next to the coal, start with the potatos it's long (~30min) but the cheese is quick (10 min). To eat the camembert, just put some piece of bread directly in the cheese.

Bon appetit

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