Introduction: BBQ Pizza Instructions

A recipe my mom found a while ago that now tastes like home. A good recipe when you don’t want to go out that has enough food for you as well as family/friends.


Pizza dough

BBQ sauce

Pre cooked bacon

Mozzarella cheese

Cheddar cheese



2 chicken breasts

Optional : kickin chicken

Step 1: Chicken

Pre heat your grill on high

BBQ the chicken breasts any way that works for you.

The way I make mine is by flattening the chicken so it will cook evenly by using a meat clever. Then season the chicken with whatever is convenient. Then put BBQ sauce on the chicken before putting it on grill

Optional : season the chicken with kickin chicken

Put the chicken on the grill for 15 minutes

Step 2: Preparing Toppings

While the chicken is on the grill, dice the jalapeños, onions, and pre cooked bacon. Dice enough to comfortably sprinkle around on your pizza. Pre heat oven to 400F

Step 3: Dough

Prep your dough on a pizza pan or cookie sheet and roll out dough to wanted size.

Use flour while prepping the dough and stretch out dough.

After the dough is rolled out, put BBQ sauce on the pizza and spread evenly around

Step 4: Chicken Pt2

Once the chicken is done, take off the grill and either shred or dice the chicken. Mix BBQ sauce with the chicken either while shredding the chicken or after dicing. If shredding chicken, cut the big parts of chicken that are too big so the chicken fits on the slice of pizza.

Step 5:

Add topping to the pizza by sprinkling the mozzarella, chicken, bacon, onion, jalapeño, then top with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Make sure everything is spread evenly across.

Step 6:

After putting the toppings on, put the pizza in the oven for 15 minutes.

After the 15 minutes, slice and serve