This is creativity project.

This device has

Step 1: Fabrication of Wodden Base Mount.

1.I have used a surplus board wood in the shape of a triangle.

2The board wood may be of any desired shape.

3.A 10 MM hole has been drilled at the center of the board.

4. Install a 6 inch nut bolt assembly at the center of the board as shown.

5. Now the wooden base mount is ready.

Step 2: Installation of Flywheel

1.This is the picture of a heavy steel Fly-Wheel of a discarded defective car clutch assembly.

2.The Flywheel is mounted on the Ball-Bearing.This facilitates smooth friction less rotation on its axis.


Step 3: Brass Bell Gong and Wood Piece ( a Part of Rolling Pin)

This is a brass Bell Gong. This Gong produces a resonant tone, when the gong rim is gently tapped with a piece of wood and the wood rotated rubbing along the gong circumstance .

Step 4: Aluminium Door Handle With Fork and Nail an Spring Assembly.

This assembly holds the hinged wooden piece on the aluminum door handle. As shown in pictures.

Step 5:

The video explains how to assemble the system and how it works