Introduction: BEN TEN Birthday Card and Envelope

Last year my step niece turned 5 and she was obsessed with Ben ten so being creative I made her a Ben ten birthday card and it goes without saying that the card needs an envelope so I made one of them too!

Now less than a year on - she is too old for Ben Ten and likes Hollyoaks! 

Step 1: The Font - Badaboom BB

I searched high and low for a suitable font that best matched that of Ben Ten, I think this one does a pretty good job and is free. So here is how to get it.

Go to :
download and extract file (remember where this is!!)
go to control panel ( I like classic view)
double click on fonts
[Vista Control Panel, Appearance & personalization > Fonts]
[windows 7 - copy font file in to the font directory C:\Windows\Fonts] 

Click File then Install New Fonts
Locate the font
select the font in the list of font box (top one)
click OK
it will install
and be in your list.

Step 2: The Card - Publisher

I used Microsoft Publisher and the blank card template it has

use your creative flare to add pictures to your liking. Mine is pretty simple but personalized.

using word art or programme specific alternative

create the word or words as you would like them 
don't worry about colour just yet - make it the size you would like it.
then copy the word art and paste it 2 times (so you have 3 copies of it)
the bottom copy needs to be blue - use fill blue and line blue (if you increase the size of the line you can make the blue a little bigger than the other layers of text.
the middle copy of the word needs to be black - again same fill and line
the top copy of text will have no line and a fill effect of top to bottom yellow to green

next position the layers to your liking - stagger them so you can see just the bits you need.
using publisher you can then group the layers so they are one and you can move them all at the same time.

Repeat for other words.

add pictures and internal text as you require.

Step 3: The Envelope

Again using publisher.

using a blank A4 page add text - you can copy this from the card, if like me you want to have the name on the envelope. I took a image from the web of the ben10 logo.
create a simple pattern and duplicated this across the page and printed.

turn printed page over so blank side is face up - you may also need to turn the page 180 so the envelope is the right way up when completed - depends on your preference. you could even be clever and print 1/3 one way up and the 2nd 3rd the opposite way.

first fold
Put the card on the blank side of paper - landscape
fold the paper over so the card is just about covered - press down on fold

2nd & 3rd fold
with the card more or less in the centre fold over the edges (leave some space so it is easy to insert the card)

4th Fold
fold the top down - this will be the flap of the card

5th and 6th Fold
fold the corners of the flat section

bits to cut off
remove the card and unfold the paper
on the blank side mark the sections you need to cut off - double check this is correct - you don't want to cut off the wrong bit.
cutting off one of the side flaps is optional you can leave these on and glue them together - I like to cut one off and glue the other.
you can round off the point of the top flap to make it look more envelope like.

Glue side flap
folder over the side flaps you can see the pattern - add glue to the pattern side of the side flaps
fold up the bottom section
this will make your pocket for the card
when dry (don't want to get your card stuck in the envelope)
insert the card and seal down the top flap.