Today we are going to make a berry blast smoothie. The flavours in this smoothie are really amazing and you won't regret making it. I hope you enjoy!


1 banana

Frozen berry mix

Almond milk


Peanut butter

Step 1: Add Your Ingredients Into Your Blender

You will need to add all of your ingredients (banana, berries, almond milk, spinach and the special ingredient peanut butter!) I know that the peanut butter sounds gross but it is actually amazing! It adds a creamy texture and a pop of taste.

Step 2: Once in the Blender Blend It Up!

Once everything is in make sure that you blend it really well so that all the ingredients are fully mixed in.

Step 3: Blend It and Your Done!

After it's all blended you're done! Place it into a cup and I recommend adding a straw so it filters any unmixed berries! I hope you enjoy!