Introduction: BLUE Boring Bathroom to Unique Bathrom With Some Easy Painting

Hello Folks,

I recently bought a very little flat, with a very oldschool bathroom design.

As I found out with the cheapest blue tiles ever, so I wondered how could I give some life in it (on a budget).

This project is a success for me, hope to inspire others too.


All you need:

- a tile renewal paint (in my country only availabel in white color, but worked erfect for me) for ca. 15 USD

- some masking tape (I also used duct tape as I have a dozen of it)

- paper cutter knife or sclapel

- Teddy paint roller

- some dissolvent for cleaining the surfaces (water with soap did fine to me)

Step 1: Cleaning the Surface

It is a very important part if you dont want to follow my first try and make a roll of masking tape waste.

So scrub and clean and dry the surface before masking.

Step 2: Plan Your Tile Design and Lets Do Masking

Ok planing could be also the firt step, as w/o a good dsign I wouldn't start the proccess.

BTW I think that my pattern is very attractive and realy easy to mask (BUT you have to be accurate at the overlaps, prefer measure more times)

Step 3: Paint It All

Just put on the paint.

I needed 2 layers for a good coverage.

Step 4: Wait

The hardest part for me.

Tthis paint has a very long time for dry (30h+)

Step 5: Remove the Mask

And voila.

Enjoy your new tiles.

(And give a like to my first instructable :D)

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