Introduction: BMW EGR Valve Delete Instructions for Anti Shudder Valve Type EGR

These instructions show how to install our BMW EGR Delete for EGRs fitted with an anti shudder valve, for all other elements of the EGR delete including exhaust manifold blanking and EGR cooler blanking please check out our instructions here:

These instructions just show the differences when installing the EGR delete tube on the intake manifold where there is an anti shudder valve fitted.

Step 1: Release Intercooler Hose

Lever up the clip on the inter-cooler hose and release hose.

Step 2: Release EGR Cooler Pipe

Loosen hose clamp and release EGR cooler pipe.

Step 3: Blank Vacuum Hose

Remove vacuum hose from side of EGR valve. Insert our yellow plastic bung and secure with cable tie.

Step 4: Remove Anti Shudder Valve

Remove electrical connector and 3x bolts and remove anti shudder valve from front of EGR valve.

Step 5: Remove EGR Valve

Remove x4 bolts and remove EGR valve from intake manifold.

Step 6: Renew Intake Manifold to EGR Gasket

Clean the intake manifold as best as you can to remove any heavy carbon deposits.

Remove old EGR to intake manifold gasket and insert our new gasket.

Step 7: Fit Our EGR Tube

Fit our EGR tube, note orientation as shown. Fit using our stainless steel bolts.

Step 8: Fit Anti Shudder Valve

Fit anti shudder valve to our EGR tube and refit electrical connector.

Step 9: Fit Intercooler Hose

Push fit inter-cooler hose to anti shudder valve.

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