Introduction: BMW Vanos Solenoid N40 N42 N46 N45 O Ring Seals Viton Replacement Repair Instructions.

Oil leak around the Vanos unit? Oil leaking from the Vanos solenoids?

The Poor quality OEM seals fail causing leaks. The OEM O-ring seals fitted to the solenoids are made from a poor quality material not suited to the conditions. These wear quickly and lead to the solenoids leaking.

Our improved material Viton O–Rings are far better suited for the application, poor quality OEM seals will only fail again, our seals are designed to last the life of the vehicle and will cure the leaks permanently. We offer a lifetime warranty on these seals

E46 316Ci Coupé, Europe
E46 316i Touring, Europe
E46 316i Saloon, Europe
E46 316ti Compact, Europe
E46 318Ci Coupé, Europe
E46 318Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 318i Saloon, Europe
E46 318i Touring, Europe
E46 318ti Compact, Europe
E60N: E60N 520i Saloon, Europe
E81: E81 116i 1.6 3 doors, Europe
E81 118i 3 doors, Europe
E81 120i 3 doors, Europe
E82: E82 120i Coupé, Europe
E83: E83 X3 2.0i SUV, Europe
E83N: E83N X3 2.0i SUV, Europe
E84: E84 X1 18i SUV, Europe
E85: E85 Z4 2.0i Roadster, Europe
E87: E87 116i 5 doors, Europe
E87 118i 5 doors, Europe
E87 120i 5 doors, Europe
E87N: E87N 116i 1.6 5 doors, Europe
E87N 118i 5 doors, Europe
E87N 120i 5 doors, Europe
E88: E88 118i Convertible, Europe
E88 120i Convertible, Europe
E90: E90 316i Saloon, Europe
E90 318i Saloon, Europe
E90 320i Saloon, Europe
E90 320si Saloon, Europe
E90N: E90N 316i Saloon, Europe
E90N 318i Saloon, Europe
E90N 320i Saloon, Europe
E91: E91 318i Touring, Europe
E91 320i Touring, Europe
E91N: E91N 318i Touring, Europe
E91N 320i Touring, Europe
E92: E92 320i Coupé
E92N: E92N 320i Coupé
E93: E93 320i Convertible
E93N: E93N 320i Convertible

Associated part numbers:

11367506178 11367546379


N40 N42 N46 N45

Step 1: Locate and Remove Solenoids.

Repair should only be carried out on a cool vehicle which has had suitable time to cool since last use.

Remove cosmetic covers to reveal Vanos unit.

Locate the two solenoids, these are located at the base of the Vanos unit, you will see these next to one another with a fork bracket holding each in place.

Remove the electrical connectors by pushing down on the the metal pin. Take this opportunity to clean the connectors.

Using a 10mm socket remove the fork brackets, take care to catch the brackets when loosening.

You can then wiggle the solenoids out of position, use a cloth to catch any oil.

Clean up solenoids and remove the Green and Black O rings.

Step 2: Fit New Seals.

Fit our new seals to each solenoid.

Reinstall solenoids and enjoy leak free use.