Introduction: BMW X5, 5 & 7 Series Air Suspension Compressor Removal

It is very common that the piston ring seal within the Wabco compressor wears down reducing compressor performance leading to noisy, slow rising or even inactive air suspension. This guide shows how to remove the compressor so that the piston ring can be replaced using our repair kit, available from us X8R Ltd.

This is a guide on how to remove the air suspension compressor from a BMW X5, 5 & 7 Series. There may be small differences in other models and variations.

Please be aware of any safety measures and take precautions where necessary, i.e. relevant lifting gear as well as restricting the vehicle from any unintentional movement.

CAUTION: Please remember to disconnect the battery before you start any work on the vehicle.

Step 1:

The compressor is located beneath the spare wheel, protected by a shell.

1. Remove the spare wheel to gain access to the protective shell of the compressor.

2. Disconnect the main electrical connector as well as the air tube, which are linked to the compressor.

3. Remove the 4 bolts which secure the protective shell to the vehicle giving you access to the compressor cover.

4. Lastly, remove the cover from the compressor deck to expose the compressor.

Step 2:

5. To remove the cable clamp from the housing requires some strength, so don't be afraid to give it a good nudge.

6. Noting down the position of all rubber mounts for the re-assembly later on, remove the three mounting nuts along with the washers to free the compressor from its housing.

Step 3:

7. To release the compressor from its bracket, you'll have to remove the three bolts located on the back side and a nut located on the front of the mounting bracket.

Step 4:

8. Removal electrical connector plug.

Step 5:

Remove pipes and electronics from bracket this will allow you to seperate the compressor from the bracket. You can then begin work on the compressor.

To re-install the compressor, just follow the steps in reverse.