Introduction: BT Control Power Extension Board - Arduino

Power extension board with bluetooth control, is used to control all single phase appliances in our home and factory. According to the requirement we able to control it manually or automatically from remote place. I make it not only as product also use it for my daily application. Lets see how i make it.

Step 1: Materails Required

Materials Required

1) Arduino UIno Board - 1No.

2) HC-06 Bluetooth module.

3) 12V 4 relay module.

4) 12V Dc Power Adaptor.

5) Wooden Board Power (Acrylic sheet if required).

6) 4 Power Socket.

7) Long wire with 3 pin plug.

8) Plain PCB board.

9) Male and Female Header pins.

10) Wires.

11) Screws.

Tools Required

1) Soldering iron, lead and paste.

2) Hot glue gun.

3) Screw Driver.

Step 2: Circuit Plan

First we want to plan the circuit diagram. Here i give both Arduino side and Electrical side circuit diagram.

Arduino side

1) HC-06 uses pins D2 and D3 of arduino as software serial port.

2) Digital pins 10, 11, 12, 13 used to control the relays.

Electrical side

1) Phase of AC supply given to the common of the relays.

2) From the NO (normally open) pin from relays to the power socket.

3) Neutral and Earth given directly to the pins.

4) Connect the 12 v adaptor input supply to the AC line.

Step 3: Make a Arduino Shield

1) As like all my earlier projects i did a shield with plain PCB.

2) Plug the male header to the arduino board and insert the plan PCB to the other side of male header.

3) Carefully soldered to the plain PCB..

4) With out directly solder the Blue tooth module to the PCB I use a Female header solder to the PCB and insert the Blue tooth module to the female header.

5) Like wise extend wires to the relay module from Plain PCB and connect a female header to connect with the relay module.

Step 4: Electrical Wiring

As per early plan wiring the power socket.

Step 5: Configure Bluetooth With Arduino IDE

1) Here you found the configure program for bluetooth module to change the Bluetooth name and Pin.

2) Connect the shield we make to the arduino and upload the program.

3) Open the serial monitor in the arduino. In the serial monitor

a) Type "AT+NAME" and your name to change the name (ex. AT+NAMEJegan)

b) Type "AT+PINand your pin to change the pin(ex. AT+NAME8784)

AT here are Attention commands we use with modems.

Step 6: Control Program

1) Control program is given here.

2) In the program you see if we receive 1 through bluetooth we reverse the state of relay for first power socket.

3) Like wise 2 for relay2, 3 for relay3, 4 for relay4.

4) Also i save the relay status in EEPROM so if the main power gone and come again the switch remain in the same stage.


Step 7: Android Controller

1) Download the Bluetooth controller app to your android mobile.

2) Pair the Android mobile to the Bluetooth with the bin you given.

3) Open the Bluetooth controller app and click the set keys. Set the names for four boxes as you desire and set the values as 1, 2, 3, 4.

4) Click Ok.

5) Click Scan and selected the bluetooth we already paired.

6) Use the buttons below, names as your desire to switch ON and OFF the power to the socket.

Step 8: Boxing

1) Before boxing arrange the electronics items to one side of the board and electrical joints to the other side.

2) So i divide the box into two half. Top one for electronics side and bottom side for electrical side.

3) Arrange it and fix it with the base with screws or Hot glue gun.

4) Use a long wire with 3 pin plug for input supply.

5) Screw the top plate where Socket is fitted.

6) For Top Portion if you want to see it how it works use a acrylic sheet else cover it with novopan sheet.

Step 9: View the Operation

1) To view the operation of how it works i use a Acrylic sheet for the electronics side.

2) Use the Blue tooth controller from App store to control the Appliances.

Step 10: Operation

Step 11: For Home Use

1) For Home use i remove the Acrylic sheet and replace it with novopan Sheet.

2) Now check the operation from any position from my room and all ok.

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