Introduction: BT Portable Multi-use Tape Using Linkit One

We are in a object oriented programming, so use a single project for multiple purpose is the theme here. So here i did a digital tape. Use with Smart phone for car parking and portable tape to measure distance.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) Link it one board with Blue tooth Antenna and Battery.

2) HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.

3) 3 wire LCD Display.

4) Plain PCB.

5) Smart phone with Bluetooth Controller App.

6) Double Side tape.

7) Magnet.

8) Plastic Container.

Step 2: PCB Setup

1) Make a PCB Like Shield (see my previous post Tachometer).

2) Solder a 4 in Female connector on the edge of the board and give connections from

a) VCC(5V) and Gnd to two pins.

b) Trigger to digital pin 7.

c) Echo to digital pin 8.

3) Connect the Serial Lcd Display 3 wire to

a) VCC(5V) and Gnd to two pins.

b) Serial1 Tx pin(Digital pin1) to RX.

4) Now the setup is ready nut it take time according to your soldering speed and accuracy.

Step 3: Programming

1) just download the above program and upload into ur kit

2) Program Contain sub programs

a) To find the distance using the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.

b) Display the Reading in the LCD display.

c) In the main loop if Bluetooth is connected then send the correct distance through bluetooth and display in LCD else only display in the LCD.

Step 4: Make It Portable

1) Stick the Battery in the bottom of the Link it one board.using double side sticker.

2) Connect the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor to the female pin.

3) Stick the LCD display over the shield we prepare. Now its portable.

4) Change the switch from USB to Battery to see the distance in the LCD.

5) Now time to make enclosure.

6) Select a plastic container suitable for this whole assembly fixed tight.

7) I got a transparent container so no need to cut for LCD display.

8) For Sensor we want to cut the container.

9) Remove the sensor. Put the assembly in the box. Close the box.

10) Mark over the container for sensor.

11) Cut that marking with knife.

12) Put the Circuit back in the container. Fix the sensor.

13) Open and close the box with out remove the sensor.

Step 5: Fix the BT Antenna

1) Remove the board.

2) connect the Blue tooth Antenna to the link it one board.

3) Bend the Blue tooth antenna wire and keep it over the shield.

4) Put a double side tape under the battery and Paste it with the container.

Step 6: For Car-parking Mate

1) Paste a Double side sticker under the plastic box.

2) Paste a Magnet in the other side of the double side sticker.

All is done lets see how it works

Step 7: Portable Measuring Tape

1) Open the Box lid Switch the button from USB to battery.

2) Close the box. Its over. Show it to the object where u want to find the distance from u.

Step 8: Parking Assistant

1) I have no real car so check it with my new RC car.

2) Put it on the top of the car. For real car just stick the magnet on the back of the car.

3) Open the Bluetooth controller app on the mobile.

4) click the scan and connect the linkiit one board.

5) Got in the car put the phone on the stand.

6) It shows the gap immediately when it changes.

7) It help a lot for new driving persons.

Step 9: Video

See the Video of car parking mate.

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