Introduction: BT Smart Lock(voice Password)

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This is an instructable that explains about the making of a smart door lock that can controlled by a smart phone by means of bluetooth connectivity.The control is based on voice.The system unlocks the door if the specified note is spoken by the user,and another separate note is assigned for locking also.

The working platform is arduino and the app for remote control of the door lock will be created using the MIT app inventor.

It's really very simple and cool.

Step 1: Collecting the Items Required

1.Arduino UNO R3

-to control the servo and interface with the bluetooth module.

Step 2: ​2.Bluetooth Module

-to receive signal when to open or close the lock,to know the status of the lock wether open or close

Step 3: ​3.High Torque Servo

-to turn the lock lever when signal is sent from the arduino. - it is powered by the arduino 5v pin itself and it works well with it.

Step 4: ​4.Sheet Metal

- this is used to make the case for the servo motor which allows it to properly hold the motor on the door and the rotating part properly fixed to the lever of the lock. -the case is upto your creativity you can use any other material/thing to make the case. TO HOLD THE MOTOR ON THE DOOR -any plastic casing or 3d printed structure can also be used.

Step 5: Coding With IDE

The coding is attached.

Step 6: Building Own App With App Inventor

you can download the app from here,i have also provided the images for building the blocks and designing the app with MIT app inventor.

I have attached the editable form of the app also to configure or view the design of my app.I have assigned the voice password as the following you can change to your liking.

to unlock--"arduino unlock home"

to lock--"arduino lock home"

Step 7: Assembly

after connecting the bluetooth module then connect the servo ,

SERVO CONNECTION pin 2 pin in arduino

3.brown------ground pin in arduino

Step 8: Testing

Finally check your system by using the app from your phone.


---"arduino unlock home"----to open

---"arduino lock home"------to close

Hope you like it! Thank you for reading my instructable!

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