Introduction: Tyre Chair (Simple and Easy)

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This is a very simple instructable that explains the making of a chair out of a old unused tire.

Try to use your worn out tyres from the garage or try to get one at cheap rates from the nearby puncture shop.

Thus the investment of the project is very less.

You can make the chair within few minutes.

Step 1: Things Required!

1.Worn out tyres (2 or 3)

2.Drill Machine

3.plastic ropes of any colour.

5.Sharp cutter.

6.Needle as shown.

7.Paint of any colour.

Step 2: Cleanliness!

Clean your tyre with soap and water to remove any dirt on the tyre.

Step 3: Let,s Drill the Holes

First mark all the points to be drilled in the tyre using a chalk.

If have a close look at the tyre you will be noticing some small lines on the tyre shown as shown in the image thus mark all these points first.

Then mark a point at the center of each points marked in the previous step.

Now in the final stage of marking, mark a point between the points marked in the previous stage thus you will be getting a equally distributed points on the circumference of the tire as shown in the image above.

Now drill all the points we marked in the previous step.

Step 4: Now It's Time to Add Colors!

Colour the tyres to your wish with attractive patterns and colour combinations!

Step 5: Put Up the Ropes!

Now stitch the ropes as shown in the image

First make the pattern x-direction and then after completing seven pairs of holes make the patterns in y-direction.

While making the pattern in the Y-direction ensure the rope to pass through the previous pattern in up and down ways alternatively.

Then ensure the rope to be in tension and make a knot at the end.

Step 6: Final Touches!

Try to add some cushions for comfort and style.

Enjoy your recycled tyre chair!