Introduction: BUILD a Side Table/ Stool

build this side table / stool in a weekend !

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Step 1: Cut Your Wood

I used the table saw and chop saw to cut the wood to size, pallet wood thickness can vary but in the third image are a few measurements that should help you build yours.

Step 2: Legs

one board was ripped from 7cm to 3.5cm then it was glued and nailed at a right angle.

Step 3: Joining the Legs

I then glued nailed the legs together, and for extra strength I used some screws on the inside.

Step 4: Adding Support

I glued and screwed two pieces of wood opposite each other on the inside for the seat.

Rungs for support were added on the bottom also screw glued and nailed into place.

Step 5: Adding the Seat and Finishing Up

with rough spacing I used 7 lengths of wood approx 20 mm wide +/- and with glue I nailed them onto the two pieces that we added earlier.

Then I sanded it up and applied some clear wood stain ! I think it turned out great and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel I try to put out a new video every week !