Build Harley Quinns Hammer From Suicide Squad




Introduction: Build Harley Quinns Hammer From Suicide Squad

Build your very own Harley Quinn Hammer that both looks the part and is enjoyable to make. This project was quite fun and you get to try out different techniques such as wood turning, masking, painting and more. So lets get started!

I made a video check it out here

Step 1: Preparing the Blank for the Lathe.

I cut up 3 sections of redwood 2x4 into lengths of just over 6" so I could trim them down after i turned it on the lathe, then I glued the sections up and cut of the corners to make turning it round a bit easier.

Step 2: Turn It Round.

I then mounted the blank on the lathe and proceeded to turn it to about 4" in diameter then sanded smooth.

Step 3: Painting the Artwork.

I masked out the white section by wrapping tape around it the best i could then I painted it white then after that was dried I marked the centre using a pencil on a block of wood then used that faint line to line up my template which i held the the wood while I placed masking tape around it then painted it red.

I then picked some brown paint and painted the smiley fave on one end but it now appears that I should have used dark red however I think it still looks the part.

Step 4: Wrapping and Attaching the Handle

I wrapped a dowel with black electrical tape, the original one used in the film is blue and black but I did not have any blue so I just used black but i think it looks alright.

then i drilled a hole where there is a gap (to cover up for where there isnt space for another diamond) then push fit the head onto the handle and there you have your very own Harley Quinn's Hammer you can wield, please check out my video below which shows how i made it have fun and thanks for reading my instructable.

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    2 years ago

    Amazing, I love it. Keep up the good work, now “let’s put a smile on that face.”