Introduction: Baby Bed for Dolls

This is a small project that we (my son and I) did to have a birthday gift for my daughter (his sister). She enjoyes playing with dolls and to make a bed for her to play was a gift she really liked. We hope that this instruction helps you to build something similar and make someone happy! Have fun...

Step 1: Start With the Long Bed Rails

There are a total of four long bed rails (our version 50cm). Cut them in the exact same size. We recommend to align them when you put the marks for the side rails hols

Step 2: Drill the Holes for the Side Bars

You will need a total of four holes in each bed rail to fix the side bars - they should be perfectly aligned. The diameter of the side bars are 1.2cm in our example. Make the wholes accordingly

Step 3: Cut and Paint the Side Bars

We sprayed the side bars and cut a total of 8, each having a size of 20cm.

Step 4: Glue Bed Rails With Side Bars

Use wood glue to fix the bed rails together with the side bars

Step 5: Head and Feet Board

Its time to prepare the head and feet board (each 35cm x 25cm). You can cut it straight, we decided on a curved version for the bottom, so the bed can be slightly swinging when pushed. Add an additional four holes to attach the bed rails at both the head and the feed board

Step 6: Fix the Bed Rails

Use dowls with glue to fix the bed rails to the head and feet board. This bed does not have any screws used. Use clamps to ensure that the glue can work its magic

Step 7: Fix the Floor

We have painted the floor in pink to match the side bars and attached it with a stapler

Step 8: Add Some Decoration and Enjoy the Hand Over

We added some decoration with a design tape to finish the work. Wrap the bed and enjoy the joy to hand over a gift that you and your family member did all by yourself!