Introduction: Build a Bottle Holder With Wood

This is a small project on how to build your own bottle holder with a magnetique bottle opener. Our craf was used as a gift for a very good friend! Enjoy and if you have any questions, feel free to ask...

Step 1: Set-up the Side Boards

We actually started the project by drawing a side board. Here you can adapt the size based on the bottles you wish to carry/integrate

Step 2: Check the Size for the Long Board

Once you have cut both side boards, use the total amount of bottles you wish to integrate. Based on your preference (in our example 3 bottles on each side) you create the 4 long boards

Step 3: Make the Holes and Use Dowls

Use dowls at each end of the long board and drill the holes accordingly on the side boards. Mark each side with the letters A,B,C and D (side and long board) so they ultimately fit together

Step 4: Glue With Clamps

This bottle holder does not have any screws for the connection. Use clamps to ensure that the glue can work its magic

Step 5: Add the Handle

The handle is the special element for this bottle holder. We rapped it with rabbit skin to give it a special look and feel. We used wood glue and it worked well. The handle is then positioned on top of the side boards and fixed with a screw on each side. Do this after the paint job

Step 6: Painting Time

We used wood stain and the color was just the one of our preference. If you have kids who enjoy craft working, involve them latest by now in the paint job, its very easy to do and good fun

Step 7: Add a Magnetique Bottle Opener

We ordered a magnetique bottle opener online and positioned it on the side board. Fixing was done with screws that came along with the bottle opener. We used to small cuts of the handle bar to have enough depth for the screw

Step 8: Add Some Decoration and Enjoy

We added some personal decoration on the magnet with a transparent print label, added a nice card that had a few words and picture of the creation process in it and had a nice gift ready to be shared. We hope you enjoy this project and would love to see some similar crafts