Introduction: Baby Sleeping Door Sign

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One of the things I like when I stay in a hotel is the privacy you can get by placing the sign "Do not disturb" in the door.

If you have babies you know how hard it can be to make them sleep and how easy it is that they wake up with a small sound :(

In this instructable you will learn how to create a very useful hotel-type "Baby sleeping sign" that will let everyone at home know that they cannot come into the babies room.

Easy and cute, use it also as decoration!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Small piece of mint fabric

Small piece of grey fabric

Pillow filler

Gold fabric paint

Gold spray paint

Permanent marker

Wooden door knob hanger

One big bead


Jewelry wire

A piece of scrapbook cardstock

*jewelry tools, scissors, hot glue gun and paint brush, needle

Step 2: Draw and Cut

Draw your shapes at the back of your fabrics. You can just draw them or use an object or cookie cutter to mark them. Fold your fabric in half and cut the shapes to get 2 from each.

Step 3: Draw Eyes and Mouth

Use your gold paint and brush to draw the eyes in the fabric. As this is a baby sleeping sign the moon and star are sleeping.

Step 4: Tassel

Make a tassel with your string. Just use a piece of cardboard and give it lots of turns around it. Hold it with jewelry wire on top and cut the bottom part. You can also buy one in a craft store.

Step 5: Glue and Fill

Glue the good sides of the fabric together except for an inch or two. Turn it around to have the good sides out and the glued part inside. Fill it up and close it with your thread and needle.

Step 6: Sew Tassel

Attach the tassel under the little star using your thread and needle.

Step 7: Paint Hanger

Separate the two parts of the door hanger and use the spray paint to paint the hanger.

Step 8: Write

Use the other part of the door hanger as a mold to cut a piece of a nice scrapbook paper. Write the phrase "Baby sleeping".

Step 9: Put Everything Together

Use the thread and needle to attach the shapes to the door hanger. This way they'll move when we open and close the door.

Now your sign is ready for your door! Sweet dreams little one!

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