Introduction: Back Yard Chicken Tractor

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We built a Chicken Tractor so our chickens can be moved around to different areas of the yard or garden.

Step 1: Build Frame

we went with a crazy tee-pee design because we don't have a clue! Its my first home, my first chickens, and my first attempt to build something like this!

Step 2: Build Nesting Laying Box

we made each end a nest box

Step 3: Back Wall, and Lift Door Front

we made the back wall solid to keep critters out, added a lift door for front main entry, o and we cut off excess wood frame from top.

Step 4: Chicken Wire the Cage Part

chicken wire the bottom, must be racoon and other smart critter proof!

Step 5: Paint

paint the wood so it last longer, we used barn red from farm store!

Step 6: Move Some Chickens In

4 chickens could live in this but you got to move it often so they can forage, it fits over my raised garden beds, so i can have them work each box and fertilize it too!

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