Introduction: Back Yard Festival

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wow where do i start this has been a 4 year development so some things are a little hard to remember but i shall do my best unfortunately a lot of it was undocumented to start with


As a group of creative mates who enjoy a festival and party with there mates.

over the past years as children have come along and work has come more of a priority we started to see less and less of each other so we started our on festival. building shelter from reclaimed and salvaged materials down the bottom of the garden

The structures

1. The lean-to

was the 1st structure we built it was only intended as a small build a place to get out the wind. it was made with three 8ft post set in the ground with a little concrete and some ballast. then 3x2 timbers spread between them. making a ring beam we then had them fall off towards a wall of old oil drum barrels using self tappers we screwed another timber across the top of them and fastened the roof supports to it then clad it all in old feather edge fence panels. this was now 6 yrs ago its now 2015 and just about still going . we then drilled hol;es in the top of the drums and let mother nature do her thing and fill them with water to keep the whole structure grounded

the next was one of the bigger builds

2. The Tee-pee

was constructed from an old inflatable track . Materiel is like that of a bouncy castle so strong and durable

we used an old bmx bike rim to spread the top out then welded a selection of metal box section and angle iron together to construct a framework.Once that was done we cut the material to just over the size of our openings and used any old timber mostly 2x1 and trapped the material between the metal frame and the timber. folding the excess back over the top of the timber and then using large hammer staples to fasten it for extra safety and wear. then we had the door we wanted to keep it a warm dry place so broke from tradition and built a large timber frame porch on on side. the Tee-pee is an ideal place to chill on the carpets , pillows, cushions, and blankets round the fire

then came a bundle of other buildings toilet block dj booths permanent stage all of this is quarter mile down a field and has more cable in then a house im talking serious it has 2 ring mains running round the site and each building independently fused on separate rcd trip bards all from scrap. we have full running water a flushing toilet and shower. swimming pool.

the nut shack DJ booth

the shroomary uv black light zone

stage/ back yard cinema screen large 5m high x 5m wide x 5m deep stage constructed entirely from pallets and decorated with the old roof from a conservatory

3x 3m wide x 3m tall tv screens for video projections

we made our own uv / black light pendants using paper mache and painted them with a uv pigment powder brought off ebay and mixed with varnish

Rubens tubes (Flame display )

lots of our own lights from old parts indicators etc

as i remember more i will update as you will see there is lots to go through its a visual feast

Step 1: Drone Video As the Party Is About to Get Started

Step 2: Drone Eye View Daytime Video of the Site

Step 3: 2017 Update

What we know as Eastfields is a constantly evolving communal gathering area

As you can see from past posts 2017 was the year of the teepee evolution and an addition of. Bar and pallet wood rocking chair to name a few

We are luck that a good friend works at a stage and set production company and we get the pick of there skip pile and off cuts. Everything from plywood to plexiglass and fabric materials

The teepee is constructed from a pallet wood bottom and upper metal frame and all wrapped in triangle of woven PVC fabric of some description. Then pallets inside as setting and flooring wood burner heater and Arduino controlled LED lights. We had planned to paint the outside of the teepee as it's outside skin is white but we found it was really effective as a giant projector screen hopefully next year we can projection map it

I will one day get round to writing a detailed description of each Build but for now I'll stick with it as what is known as the Mass party village of EastFields

The pallet rocker chair is simply 2 sheets of 18mm ply wood cut in to a semicircle and euro pallets screwed inside as setting and a cross brace/ handle on top

And we also have the editio of the Eastfields bar and grill with an old oil drum pizza oven. A filing cabinet smoker fridge freezer and lots of small hits that I can't think of st the moment.

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