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In this instructable i am going to show you how to make a background changing mini photo boot/light box using your computer screen. for the beauty shots of your projects.

I recently saw a really good instructable on how to make a wooden light box , but i did not want to spend to much time on it and i have bin using my computer screen as the background for my earlier projects.

so this is what i came up with...

Step 1: You Will Need

tools: hot glue gun and a handsaw

materials: a computer screen , a crate or riser/spacer , a box with the same with and length as your computer screen and you will need some white cardboard or paper

Step 2: The Spacer

my computer screen is on a stand so to accommodate for the height i made a spacer out of a wooden crate

i started by sting the crate next to my computer and see how much needs to be taken of (pic 1)

than i grabbed my multi-tool saw because i didn't want to go all the way to my workplace (pic 2)

when i sawed all the legs a bit shorter i checked to see if i did anything wrong (pic 3)

Step 3: The Cardboard Box

to make the box part , i cut of the bottom and the top of a moving box. (pic 1,2)

you don`t have to use a moving box but it just was the right size for my computer screen.

after taking the bottom and top of the box was a bit weak so i glued on some corner anchors (pic 3)

than i set it on top of the spacer to check if it still went right and glued it on with hot glue (pic 4)

Step 4: Add the Withe Inside and the Spotlight ( Ha That Rhymes )

to make the inside a bit more light reflective i glued some thin white cardboard (pic 1,2 and 3 )

for the close up shots i attached a led spotlight (pic 4 )

Step 5: Full Screen Background

to simply get a image full screen you go to google and type the name of what you want as a background (pic 1 )

than you select a image and you click on open image in new tab (pic 2 )

than you press F11 on your keyboard and if your images is not filling the entire screen you can zoom in now .

Step 6: Make Pictures

this works best if you set the brightness of your computer as low as possible so that you don`t get a silhouette of your project.

if you want to make photos of really small objects you can put on the led spotlight . this helps to focus your camera (pic 5,6)

congratulations , you can now make pictures with backgrounds that are related to your project

Step 7: Disclaimer

i am not saying that i am a professional photographer.

i am a hobbyist that makes his pictures whit his cellphone

and i am not swear it will work for you but it douse work for me.

mvg. sir woodster

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