Introduction: Backseat Slicer (driving Pastime for Kids)

When I was young sitting in in the car felt really boring, so I had a game I would play to pass the time. I would imagine a sword flying adjacent to the car as it was driving and I would have to swing it between every two buildings \ trees \ poles \ etc.

This simple game would entertain me on countless hours of long drives but today I would like to share a version of this game by taking the imaginary sword and creating a tangible replacement.

This could be a neat simple project to do with your young children.


popsicle stick, glue, paper, colors, scissors

Step 1: Eat a Popsicle

Get your favored popsicle and enjoy!

(or get any stick)

Step 2: Draw a Sword

Draw an awesome looking sword!

(or print a design if you are the less artistic type, Im not artsy but I still tried drawing one for a more personal touch)

Step 3: Cut Out Your Blade

cut the sword shape from the paper

Step 4: Glue on the Stick

glue the stick on the paper sword for better support

Step 5: Slice Away!

Your blade is finished! You can now take it with you next time you have a long drive and use it to slice between every two buildings trees and such! (of course you will still have to use a lot of imagination, but at least the sword is real!)