Introduction: Backup Mask for One Handed Use

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I don't wear my masks around the farm; but lately the traveling sales people have made a resurgence with the pandemic. (darn)

I tried my hand at making masks but my sewing skills are functional but minimal. I carry a snot rag (handkerchief) always in my pocket and have tried to tie it as a improvised masks a few times now, unsuccessfully. (One arm can occasionally pose problems)

I figured some clever application of velcro could make the snot rag functional as a emergency backup mask, for when better masks aren't available.


You will need.

1. Snot rag (handkerchief)

2. Velcro

3. Some way to stick it all together (I used a sewing machine)

4. A marking device.

Step 1: Figure Out Where to Put the Velcro

1. Fold the snot rag into a triangle. (picture 1)

2. Wrap it around your head and find the spot where it meets in the back so that it would stay on your head when the velcro is stitched on.

3. Hold onto this spot and pull it off and mark the spot. (picture 2,3)

(I didn't do steps 2 and 3 than had to add some more velcro to make it fit. (picture 4) Learning from our failings makes us better.)

Step 2: Stich It Up

You probably observed that when the mask is connected in back the opposite sides of the fold come together.

1. Lay one side of the velcro length wise along one side of the fold in the area you marked. And trace it with your marking tool. (picture 1)

2. Flip it over and repeat on the other side. (picture 2)

3. Unfold the snot rag and sew the pieces of velcro into their corresponding spots. (picture 3, 4)

Step 3: Try It On.

It should fit pretty well.

If it doesn't fit you probably need to see about the placement of the velcro.

If it fits good enough; fold it up and stick it in your pocket for when you need it as a mask but hopefully you just need it to slow your allergies drip.