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I have had multiple aquariums and terrariums and since becoming a home owner, I wanted to have an outdoor pond. Recently with everything going on, those plans slowed down. I recently acquired a pond liner from my mother in law's neighbour and decided to use this as my backyard pond. I wanted to have something that was simply, with a water fall, and plants around it. Everything that I used was free or from spare things that I had around the house.


Pond liner


Garden Rocks


Plastic tube (for waterfall)

Extension Cord




Step 1: Pick a Location and Determine Size of Hole to Dig

Started off by deciding where I would be placing the pond. I decided to pick the corner in my backyard that gets the least amount of sun. There is still some sun that hits that corner, but it is on the south side and gets more shade than the rest of the yard. This will be good for fish that I will be placing in at a later time.

I placed the liner upside down in the spot that I would be digging. Using the shovel, I dug a perimeter around the pond liner.

Step 2: Dig!

After digging out the edges, I began to dig a hole!.

Note: Please be careful when digging and know what is under the ground before you dig! The last thing you want to hit is a gas line, water line, or telecommunications line

The only thing that I ran into was roots from the trees growing on the other side of the fence. Using the shovel, I was able to cut the roots to continue digging the right size

Step 3: Put in Pond Liner

Once the hole has been dug out to the right size and is level, put the liner in the hole. I used the extra dirt to fill in the sides to pack in the liner.

Step 4: Place Garden Stones and Sod and Fill Up

After packing in the dirt, I used some of the left over sod to place around the pond.

Using my garden hose, I filled up the pond.

I placed garden stones that I dug up from my front yard to build a waterfall.

Step 5: Adding Waterfall and Plants

After multiple different arrangements, I placed the tubing through the rocks to hide it and run it in behind the rocks to create a waterfall. The pump that had is not really strong, so the flow is a little on the light side. I will be replacing this with something stronger shortly.

I dug up some plants that I had growing in abundance around the house and moved them to around the pond. These are hardy plants and will grow really well here.

Step 6: Enjoy the Scenery

Having a backyard pond will give you a nice relaxing place to look at and sit by. It will also bring all sorts of wildlife to your yard. Just sit back and enjoy :)

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