Introduction: Bacon!!!!! Brownies

Brownies.. Yummmmm.... Need I say more? How about Bacon Brownies? Woohoo!!! It is true. Things can be made better with bacon.

Step 1: Prep for Awesomeness

First your gonna need a few things. 2-Muffin pans 1- flat pan bigger than the muffin pans(this is a drip pan) Really Important unless you like your oven catching on fire. 1-package BACON (don't cheap out, get the good Bacon, and none of that turkey stuff, that ain't bacon) 1- brownie mix or your favorite brownie recipe Cooking spray Oven Mixing equipment Straight jacket(optional) And about 1-2 hours time

Step 2: BACON

I'm going to start off by stressing that I highly recommend testing this out with a good but inexpensive bacon brand. I used a basic winndixie bacon and it was good, but lacked the smokiness and flavor that I feel the Whole Foods Black Forest smoked bacon would have brought. The pictures are thin sliced type. Next time, I'm using the thick bacon from whole foods.

Step 3: Bacon Cups

Preheat oven to 400 degs. I said two muffin pans for a reason. Your making bacon cups. In order to get bacon cups, you have to force the bacon to stay in place. Just like Waffle House gives you flat crispy bacon with the use of a flat iron on top of the bacon, you will do this with a second muffin pan. Spray the back side of the first pan with nonstick cooking spray.(use the good spray) Line the back side of the now oiled cups with your mmmmmm bacon. Be sure to have the bacon laying in the crevices between the cups and not just bridged from one cup to the other. I did a cross cross pattern, but that's up to you. Spray the inside of the cups on the second pan and place over the bacon on the first pan. Much like a bacon sandwich. Try to make this tight, you are going to want the bacon to mold to shape of the cups. Place the Bacon sandwich in the highly important drip catching flat pan and into the oven with it. It should take about 15-20 minutes depending on thickness of the bacon, but I recommend taking a quick look at it around 15. You want the bacon practically done, but not burnt. As Alton brown would say, "That is not good eats."

Step 4: Brownie Prep.

While the bacon is in the oven, you can start your favorite brownie box or recipe.

Step 5: Bacon Cups, Meet Brownie Mix

When you feel the the bacon is done to your liking, CAREFULLY take the pan out of the oven. (Warning!!!! Hot bacon grease hurts be careful!!!) Carefully remove the muffin pans from the drip pan. I angled my pans in such a way, that they were able to drip the excess grease back in the drip pan. When done dripping, flip muffin pans right side up and slowly separate the two pans. You may have to coerce the bacon off the now top pan into the cups, but I did not have much of that problem. You want the bacon to have the shape of the cups. I totally forgot to take a picture, I was too excited about how they came out.(don't judge me) Change oven temp to that said on your brownie box or in your recipe. You may have to crack the oven door open to cool it some. My recipe called for 350 degs. Spoon your mix into the bacon lined cups filling about 2/3 full and put into oven for time recommended on your box or recipe for cupcake pan use. Mine were in for 28 minutes.

Step 6: Mmmmmm...... Bacon Brownies.

When you feel that your brownies are done,( I like mine medium-rare), using your smell, toothpick, or firmness test. Take out and let cool....... Yeah right! I tore into one right out of the oven. Burnt the roof of my mouth and loved every bite. Now like I said earlier, I cross crossed the bacon, so I did have to cut the bacon between the cups and I had to lightly pry the bacon brownies out of their cups, but that was easy. Butter knife our the exterior of the bacon brownies, and they popped right out. Enjoy