Introduction: Bacon Hot Cocoa!

Oh. My. Goodness.

Step 1: The Flavor

I started with my favorite Hot Cocoa Powder. (usually the most chocolatey one I can find at the store)

Then I added:
- A Dash of Cinnamon
- A Pinch on Salt
- And a Sprinkle of finely chopped (cooked) Bacon!

*Other yummy additions could be Nutmeg, Cloves, Cayenne Pepper, Orange Zest, Maple Syrup, Honey.... I could keep going but I'll spare you ;)

Step 2: The Garnish

I took an awesome slice of Cooked Bacon and Dipped it in Chocolate!

If you are too lazy to melt your chocolate with a double boiling method (like me!), then be sure to very gently warm your chocolate and keep a constant eye on it! Chocolate is very sensitive. Do not burn it, it will never forgive you :(

Once your chocolate is happily melted, Dip that tasty Bacon and set it on wax paper to cool. 
*add a sprinkle of Sea Salt for a little somethin' special :)

And don't forget the whipped cream!!!

I added a little Maple Syrup to my Whip for added sweetnes!!! and Holy Cow was it good!
Just pour a tiny bit of Maple Syrup into a bowl of heavy Whipping Cream and Whisk away!

Step 1: Whisk until you think your arm is going to fall off
Step 2: Keep whisking
Step 3: Switch whisking arms and make a huge mess
Step 4: Bribe a friend to whisk for you
Step 5: Almost give up
Step 6: You're almost there!
Step 7: Finally achieve the consistency of Whipped Cream!

Step 8: Eat half of it immediately to cope with the distress of it all.

Step 3: The Milk

Instead of hot water, I like to use warm milk for my cocoa. mmmmm :)

I used the same pan for dipping the bacon in chocolate. I wanted to MAXIMIZE CHOCOLATE!!!
I simply added milk (any milk type of your choice will work perfectly!) and heated it to desired drinking temperature.

When it's ready, pour that warm fuzzy stuff into your cocoa and stir the lumps out!

Don't forget you added bacon, so there will be some bacon-y lumps.
Those will be yummy little surprises throughout you beverage :)

Step 4: The Finish Line!

Now assemble those tasty little components and enjoy!!!
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