Introduction: Bacon Pancakes

Do you love bacon?  How about Pancakes?  Imagine if you could somehow combine them... well, stop imagining, and start doing! 

Behold the Bacon Pancakes!

Step 1: Make Some Pancake Batter

The first thing to do is mix up some pancake batter.  Choose your favorite, I had Krusteaz Belgian waffle mix on hand.  It turned out really good.

Step 2: Start Cooking the Bacon

After your batter is mixed up set it aside, and start the bacon.  I let mine cook until it was about 90% done then took it off and set it aside.  I left the last 10% of cooking to take place inside the pancake.

Keep at least some of the bacon grease in the pan, this is where most of the deliciousness comes from.

Step 3: Start the Pancakes

Pour on a base layer of pancake, then lay the bacon on it, then pour more batter over the bacon.  Try to do this quickly so your pancakes don't burn.  They should only take about 1-2 minutes on medium heat to cook the first side because the pan is already hot from the bacon.

I made full size pancakes, but you can easily make a lot of smaller pancakes and break up the bacon to accommodate the smaller cakes.

Step 4: Flip the Pancakes

Flip them before they burn!!  Another minute or two after flipping and they will be ready to eat!

Step 5: Add Butter and Syrup and ENJOY!!

Add butter and syrup to taste, enjoy!
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