Introduction: Bacon Wrapped Chicken Instructions

Hello everyone, today we will be learning how to make one of my personal favorite appetizers bacon wrapped chicken(bite size) With the help of an adult in the kitchen I will be giving you a step by step instructional. #HMS2020

Step 1: Ingredients

How to make bacon wrapped chicken, for your ingredients you will need a baking pan, toothpicks, garlic salt, black pepper, paprika, foil, bacon and chicken. You will need these ingredients to make bacon wrapped chicken but if anyone is allergic to pepper or garlic you can make it without those ingredients and any of these ingredients can be found at any local grocery store or convenient store and make sure that chicken is fresh.#Hms2020

Step 2: Cutting Chicken

After gathering all the ingredients, place the two chicken breasts into a bowl and rinse the chicken. Also make sure to always note safety first. Grab any knife you want (although I recommend that you use a large knife) and start cutting your chicken into squares equally.Then put all pieces of chicken into a bowl and start seasoning the chicken equally and be very careful not to over season the chicken or it will not taste as good. Also, make sure that your garlic salt, black pepper and papriKa are all seasoned equally. While you are doing this preheat oven to 375 degrees.#Hms2020

Step 3: Wrapping Chicken

After you have mushed your chicken together cut your bacon evenly and then take a piece of you chicken and roll the bacon up until your chicken is completely covered in bacon and then stick a toothpick into it until it is completely holding together (and be careful not to poke yourself). Then put your bacon wrapped chicken into the baking pan and do this multiple times (unless if your cooking for yourself) until your baking pan is full and put foil over the pan then put it into the oven to cook for 40 minutes. Take off the foil but be careful and cook it for an additional ten minutes to add crisp.#Hms2020

Step 4: Enjoy Chicken

    After you have cooked it in total for 50 minutes at 375 degrees take out your chicken and let cool for a few minutes then grab a couple of piece's and grab a plate and put them on the plate and cook any side you want (I suggest rice) and grab a drink and enjoy the crispiness of bacon wrapped chicken yum! *Note* If bacon wrapped chicken is really greasy hold down pieces and drain grease.#Hms2020