Introduction: Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Sweet Peppers

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This is always a favorite at BBQ's, potlucks, holidays etc. I usually do these in the grill, but you can also do this in the oven with great results. The only complaints I seem to get is that I didn't make enough, or they are to full to eat more. They are easy and a big hit with almost everyone, big and small.

Follow along and tell me how yours turned out.

Step 1: What You'll Need

1 ziplock bag

1 brick of cream cheese

garlic salt

mini sweet bell peppers


aluminum foil


oven at 400 deg. or grill anywhere from 4-500 degrees

Step 2: Prepare the Filling

The first step is to soften the cream cheese in a microwave. I did it for 30 seconds. It was enough to soften it but it wasn't hot.

I kneed it to soften it further, add some garlic salt and mix well again. Add a little garlic salt at a time and try a little. If you need to you can add more.

Scrape all of the filling toward one corner (you are making a DIY pastry bag) and cut a small corner off. Start to'll probably find it was almost to big.

Set the bag aside and prepare the peppers.

Step 3: Prepare the Peppers and Fill Them

This is the fun step.

Carefully cut a slit in the pepper. I had to turn the knife sideways to help show where I cut and take the picture one handed.

Next with one hand you squeeze the pepper ends toward each other to open up the slit. Sometimes you need to stick a finger in there to help it out.

Now that you have the pepper open you use your bag o filling to squeeze the good stuff in the pepper. I usually fill the pepper most of the way up but you can experiment to find the amount you like.

I usually figure about 2 peppers per person. Some will eat more, some less.

Step 4: Wrap Them in Bacon

This is the last step in preparing the peppers.

I prefer thin sliced bacon but thick will work too. One piece of bacon per pepper (unless they are really small)

I wrap the bacon around and leave the loose end down when I put it on the foil.

After all of the peppers are wrapped I fashion an aluminum foil boat to hold the peppers in the grill. Cook time in the grill will vary widely, but you are shooting for lightly crisp bacon and soft peppers. Usually a minimum of 30 minutes, up to an hour if you are cooking at lower temps.

If I am doing it in the oven I use a pyrex cake dish, and bake them at 400 deg. until the bacon is lightly crispy. 30-45 mins.

When you take them off the grill make sure you let them sit for a good 5 minutes before serving because the cheese closely resembles lava and is roughly the temperature of the surface of the sun.

Step 5: Enjoy

This is the big pay off. You get to eat them.

If you like to spice it up, you can do the same thing with jalapenos. I usually do a few for large gatherings but dont go overboard. Just make sure everyone knows the colorful ones are sweet, and the green ones are hot.

Let me know how yours turned out.


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