Bacteria - Bacillus Clausii: Observe With Microscope

Introduction: Bacteria - Bacillus Clausii: Observe With Microscope

In this report, I will show you a simple way to observe bacteria using conventional microscope

Step 1: Things You Need to Prepare

1. A conventional microscopy

2. A microscope slide

3. A microscope cover glass

4. An old iPhone 4

5. A selfie stick

6. Enterogermina probiotics

Step 2: Observe Bacteria

1. Take a drop of Enterogermina probiotic on the microscope slide and put the microscope cover glass on it

2. Put the microscope slide on the stage for observation.

3. In order to record the bacteria movement, I used an old iPhone 4 hold by a selfie stick. It is very easy to take the image without touching the cell phone screen.

Amazing!!! You can see the movement of the bacteria

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