Introduction: Baguette

Here is a fantastic Baguette formula and step by step recipe guide on how to make this outstanding baguette.

Step 1: Scale Baguette, Poolish Starter

Baguette Ingredients

All Purpose Flour - 3.338 kg

Hi-Gluten Flour - 1.091 kg

Water - 2.408 kg

Poolish - 3.017

Instant Yeast - 0.015 kg

Salt 0.130 kg

  1. Combine HG Flour, AP Flour and instant yeast into a container. Set aside.
  2. Scale salt into separate container. Set Aside.
  3. Scale Water and set aside, bring to room temperature.
  4. Mix Poolish using instructions below.

Poolish Ingredients

All Purpose Flour - 1.508 kg

Water - 1.508 kg

Instant Yeast - 0.002 kg

  1. In a large container with a lid add the Flour, Water and Yeast.
  2. Mix well by hand make sure all flour is incorporated.
  3. Let Stand For 12 Hours before use.

Step 2: Making the Dough

Mix the Dough
  1. Mix Poolish, Water, Flour and Yeast on first speed in a stand mixer for 4 minutes.
  2. Autolyse for 15 minutes (turn off mixer, let dough rest without salt before adding salt)
  3. Then add salt and mix for 4 minutes on first speed
  4. Mix 2 minutes on second speed
  5. Grease a tub with with lid, big enough to hold the dough, Remove dough from mixer and place in greased tub.
  6. Replace the lid on the tub and let bin sit in room temperate environment.

Rest the Dough, and Strenghten Gluten

  1. Let dough rest 45 minutes
  2. Time for the first fold, fold each side of dough into the center of the mas, one side at a time until you have folded the dough 4 times, flip dough over in big, and replace lid.
  3. Rest 45 more minutes
  4. Then second fold, repeat steps from step 1
  5. rest 45 minutes
  6. Then divide dough into Baguette weight - 12 oz. or .340g

Step 3: Forming the Bread

Once you have the dough cut into 320 g. pieces, you will need to form the dough in order to have the proper shape.

Step by Step Bread Forming

  1. Lightly flour table surface, preferable wooden counter top.
  2. Take piece of dough, fold like an envelope;
    1. Left and right side of dough, fold sides upward and inward into the center of the dough mass.
    2. Then fold the top half of the mass upward and inward into the center of the dough mass.
    3. Repeat with the bottom half of the dough mass, press dough into the center you will have what looks to be a creased cylinder.
  3. Roll the cylinder from the middle out to the ends of the mass. Use your hands, lightly press your hands flat and into the dough.
  4. Roll your hands forward and backward on the table, the dough will move back and forth, as you keep rolling, move your hands outward to the ends of the baguette.
  5. When you reach the desired length of your baguette, something that can fit into your oven, taper the ends, by pressing a little harder.
  6. Repeat with remaining pieces of dough.
  7. Now you have your baguettes, place dough onto a floured kitchen towel, homemade couche, or onto a greased baguette pan.
  8. Allow to proof in a humid area, let double in size.

Step 4: Ready to Bake

You are now ready to bake your bread.

  1. Preheat your oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Transfer Baguette dough onto a baking tray or a baguette pan.
  3. Score the tops of the loaves with a sharp knife or razor blade, 7 angled straight lines, 5 degree angle down the loaf of bread.
  4. Place dough pans into the oven.
  5. Use a Water Bottle and spray the back wall of the over with water to create a steam, close oven door quickly, be sure not to burn yourself! Steam Hurts!
  6. Bake Bread for 20 minutes or until perfectly golden brown.
  7. Remove Bread from oven.
  8. Let rest and enjoy when cooled, but lets be real, how can you resist a freshly baked baguette?
  9. ENJOY!

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