Introduction: Baked Wrapped Stuffed Steak Bites

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Here is a great way to turn a cheap and boring sirloin steak into something your friends and family will love.

These bacon wrapped steak bites are easy to make. You can always change the stuffing ingredients to suit your tastes. I will give you a few ideas later in this Instructable.

This works best with a thin cut sirloin steak. This technique is not recommended with ribeye, t-bone and porterhouse steaks.

Ready to eat? Let's get started!

Step 1: Beat Your Meat

Start with a sirloin steak and cut it into sections about two inches long and one inch wide. It should look like the piece of steak on the right side of the picture.

Don't worry about the EXACT size. Close enough is good enough.

Place the piece of steak between two sheets of plastic wrap and pound it until flattened. You can pound the meat with a mallet, meat tenderizer, rolling pin, frying pan or any other heavy object that makes you happy.

You will be done pounding when the steak looks like the piece on the left side of the picture.

Step 2: Season and Stuff

Now that you have a flattened piece of steak it is time to season and stuff the meat.

I like to season the steak with salt, pepper and granulated garlic.

After the seasoning has been laid down it is time to add your stuffing ingredients.

For this stuffed steak bite I used a piece of Swiss cheese, a piece of precooked bacon and a mushroom slice.

You could also choose to add a piece of onion, a slice of bell pepper or a piece of zucchini. Avocado would be glorious.

Blue cheese would be a great addition as well.

You could substitute the bacon with pepperoni, ham or salami. Whatever meat you choose to use in the stuffing MAKE SURE that it is already pre-cooked. Do NOT use raw meat such as Italian sausage as it may not get thoroughly cooked.

Once all of the stuffing is in place fold the steak over to complete the stuffed pocket.

Step 3: Wrap It, Stick It and Love It

Wrap each steak bite with one piece of thin cut bacon. The bacon will wrap around the steak bite more than once.

Thin cut bacon is easy to wrap and will cook at the proper rate. Thick cut bacon will just make you aggravated.

After the bacon has been wrapped around the steak secure it by sticking a toothpick through the steak bite. The toothpick will hold the bacon in place and keep the steak bites from rolling around on the grill.

The last thing to do before putting these on the grill is to give them a little more seasoning love.

The bacon is already salty so I simply season the bacon with a 1:1 mix of chili powder and turbinado sugar.

Step 4: Grill With Indirect Heat

You could bake these on a rack in the oven (375F, 25 minutes) until the bacon is crispy. I prefer to cook these on my grill.

If you are going to grill these steak bites you will need to use indirect heat so the bacon is not directly over any flames. This will prevent the dripping bacon grease from flaring up.

I grilled these steak bites by pouring about 20 lit charcoal briquettes onto the right side of the grill and another 20 lit charcoal briquettes on the left side of the grill. The steak bites were placed in the middle of the grill with no charcoal directly beneath them.

Keep the top and bottom vents of the grill completely open.

Close the lid on the grill.

Open the grill every five minutes and turn over the steak bites for even cooking.

The bacon wrapped steak bites are done when the bacon is evenly brown and crispy.

If you wanted to add another layer of flavor you could brush the steak bites with something sweet (honey, melted peach preserves, maple syrup) a few minutes before you took them off the grill.

Step 5: Slice and Savor

After the bacon wrapped steak bites are done remove them from the grill and allow them to slightly cool.

I like to slice the steak bites in half before serving. This increases the number of servings and gives your guests a nice presentation.

You can serve these with dipping sauces (steak sauce, horseradish cream sauce, barbecue sauce) if desired.

I hope you found this Instructable to be useful. If you make these I would love to hear how yours turned out!

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