Introduction: Baked Zucchini With Meat, Rice, Dried Tomatoes and Parsley Filling

If you have:

- zucchini / courgette
- ground meat (I prefer pork)
- rice
- dried tomatoes ( I use dried tomatoes sold in the jar in oil and herbs)
- parsley
- garlic
- 1 egg

Then you can might consider eating it according to the recipe of woman that got my heart through my stomach.

Step 1: Boil Some Rice

You shall start by boiling some rice, drain it and wait until is cooled so it will be easier to use to make filling and will not curl the egg.

Step 2: Cut and Remove Seeds From Zucchini

2.1 Rinse zucchini

2.2 Cut zucchini longways.

2.3 Remove seeds from zucchini. Consider using the table spoon for this step.

Step 3: Prepare Filling Ingredients

3.1 Chop dried tomatoes in smaller pieces

3.2 Rinse parsley and chop in smaller pieces

Step 4: Good Moment to Turn on Oven

For first half hour zucchini will need to have around 180°C = 356°F (you know your oven better so this value may vary)
Start your oven so it will warm up during will you continue with preparing your meal.

Step 5: Prepare Filling

4.1 Put all ingredients in a bowl. (rice, ground meat, one egg, chopped tomatoes, chopped parsley and squeeze garlic on it, do not forget to season as you wish (some salt and pepper)
4.2 Mix it (tool: hand) ... and that's the way (a-ha, a-ha) how filling done :)

Step 6: Put Filling Into Zucchini

Step 7: Put Zucchini in Oven Preheated to 180°C = 356°F for About 30-40 Min

After some time (20min) you will see that there are some juices inside.
You should remove/ drain this liquid by rotating zucchini with filling carefully using two forks for example. (... you want it baked not boiled, right?).
When you will see that zucchini is turning to be soft and filling looks like ready, then go to next step.

Step 8: Step 8: Rise Temperature for Last 15 Min (200°C = 392°F)

.. to have it little bit more crispy.

p.s. cold orange juice is perfect as drink, if you like ketchup use spicy /hot one.

... done, enjoy.