Introduction: Baking Soda Shampoo

Shampoo may seem like a need but it really doesn't have to be. Baking soda can be helpful for many things. I used baking soda on my hair after years of abusing it with harmful shampoos. My hair has never felt better. The first question I'm always asked is if my hair is actually clean. My hair is clean and smells clean too. Im glad I stopped using shampoo and I don't plan on using it any time soon. Consider the cost of baking soda (which lasts longer than shampoo) compared to the cost of quality shampoo (which is still bad for hair). Try this at least twice and you'll never consider buying a bottle of shampoo again. You can use conditioner with this treatment. Conditioner is less harmful than shampoo and will leave your hair with your desired scent and smoothness.

Step 1: Mixing

Use an empty squeeze bottle or just an empty water bottle. If you are using an empty water bottle, don't mix too much. Water bottles tend to get old quickly when tampered with so you wont be using it for very long. Boil tap water before mixing (this step is important)

Step 2: Enjoy!

Apply in place of shampoo. Be careful. The first time could be a little strange since you probably don't know whats too much or too little for your hair type. Wash off and the use your conditioner.

Step 3: Tips

1. Don't drink the old bottles of water you left in your car this summer, its bad for you. Use it instead of boiled tap water. It will dissolve just as boiled water will. 2. When applying the mixture to hair, use a comb or even a brush to comb the mixture through hair. 3. The mixture should look like fizzy water. It wont lather.