Introduction: Balcony Rail Planter Box

Do you want a garden that saves space and you can hang right off your balcony? This Garden created by the FAB lab at ESTEM academy saves a lot of space and can plant so many different things. If you want to create whats in the picture above then keep on reading. The total cost of all of it was $32.10 but it could be more or less depending on how big you want it and what materials you prefer to use.


For the garden...

- wood (we used 2 in x 8in x 8ft but you can use whatever size you would like) ($5.54 for each piece) we got 4 pieces

- screws (any kind as long as they can be used outside and they are long enough and not too short) ($5.58 per package (50 count)) We got 1.

- corner braces (optional) ($2.18) We got 2.

Tools needed...


-hand saw

-table saw (optional)

To measure..

-Tape measure (or whatever you prefer to measure with)

Step 1: Plan Your Design and Measure the Balcony

First, you need to plan your design out well and make sure your measurements are correct. My group had to measure the balcony before anything else to make sure the project fit nicely on the balcony. After measuring, we planed our design out. Plan your design out on paper or auto desk inventor if you have the resources to. Above is a picture of our Inventor File, which is basically how our design ended up looking.

Step 2: Mark the Wood

Next you want to mark where you are going to cut the wood, make sure you get the correct measurements for how you planned your design. We focused on making the box first before making the part that hangs up the box. Our measurement for the bottom of our planter was 27 in (length), 7 in (width). The long side pieces were 27 inches (length), 7 inches (width), we cut two of those. The short side pieces (The width of the box) was 7 inches (width) and 9 inches (length). We had to add on top of the long side pieces because they were not as tall as we wanted. So we marked another piece that was 27 inches (length) by 4.5 inches (width). All of the wood used had a thickness of 1.5 inches.

Step 3: Cut the Wood

Use a hand saw to cut out all of the pieces you marked. We also used a table saw to cut the side pieces we added because its easier, but if you don't have access to that you can use a hand saw.

Step 4: Put It Together

Next we put all of our pieces together. First we screwed the smaller side pieces to the bottom piece. Then we screwed the larger side pieces (The length of the box) to the smaller side pieces and the bottom. Then we screwed the added side piece to the smaller side piece (width of the box). After this, you are done with the box part of your garden.

Step 5: Mark the Wood Again

Now you want to mark the wood where you want to cut for the hook. Remember this needs to go off of your measurements of your balcony. Our measurements were specific to our balcony. Our measurements were.... The first piece was 27 inches (length) 1 inch (width). The second piece was 27 in (l) by 3 3/4 in (w). The third piece was 27 in (l) by 2 6/16 in (w). The last piece was 27 in (l) by 6 in (w). All of the pieces had a thickness of 1.5 in.

Step 6: Cut the Wood

Cut exactly on the line you marked. We used a table saw to cut, but if its easier you can use a hand saw or whatever you feel comfortable using.

Step 7: Put It Together

Attach the first piece to the length of the box. Screw them together and make sure it is sturdy. Then screw the second and third piece together. Once you screw those together screw the second piece to the first piece. Then screw the last piece to the third piece. This might be confusing but if you look at the picture above you can see how the pieces attach to eachother. (Also you should mark each like write 1 on your first piece, 2 on your second piece and so on so you don't mix them up)

Step 8: Make It Sturdier (optional)

You can make it sturdier by using corner braces. (Use however many you would like and put them wherever you think they need to go)

Step 9: You Are Done

Now you are done. You can screw little holes at the bottom for drainage if you would like.