Introduction: Balsamic Glazed Tuna Crostini

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So whats is Crostini ? well its just a fancy name for sliced baguette bread coated with oil and vinegar then topped with anything from sliced tomatos to chunks of meat or veges. There is basically endless possibilities so just grab your favorite toppings and watch your guests gobble them up! For this inscrutable I have changed the order slightly and will be dressing the top of the tuna crostini with balsamic glaze instead of the bread itself.

These delicious little tuna appetizers are always a huge hit at different get together's and work events. They are so simple to make and pack some serious flavor punch so make sure to make a lot because these balsamic glazed tuna crostini are a hot ticket item!!

Prep 15 mins

Resting 8 hours ( This is optional but promotes more flavor punch!)

Cook - ZERO!!

Making the crostini 15 mins

Total time 8 hours, plus 30 mins

*** letting the mixture rest over night helps to bind all the flavors together so when ever possible I try to make it the night before the event I am bringing them too. If you don't have time then not to worry these will still taste wonderful with little to no resting time***

Materials Needed

2 baguettes

4 cans white tuna - light flake

1 whole bunch of green onion

4 cellery stocks chopped

1 or 2 carrots to garnish

4 tbs dill weed

1 tbs pepper

Around 1.5 - cups mayo ( I always add the mayo a bit at a time and just look for the right consistency)

Balsamic Glaze

Dijon mustard to taste

Salt and pepper to tatse

Step 1: Mix It Up!

Okay this is very simple

1- Get yourself a large bowl and empty all the cans of tuna into the bowl.

2 - Add the mayonnaise about a 1/2 cup at a time mixing well until you reach the consistency of tuna salad. Finished mixture will take around 1.5 - 2 cups of mayo

3 - Add salt and paper to taste

4 - Finely chop 4 celery stocks and add to mixture

5 - Finely chop green onion and add 3/4 of it to the mixture saving 1/4 for garnish

6 - Add some Dijon mustard 1tbs at a time to taste I usually add about 4-6 tbs

7 - Add dry dill weed to taste

*** Don't over power with mustard a little goes along way***

Once all ingredient are added make sure to mix well, feel free to add a little more mayo if needed, then place the mixture covered in the fridge over night to allow the flavors to blend and develop further.

Step 2: Dressing Your Baguette

With a sharp knife begin to slice the baguettes on a slight angle. Place all the sliced pieces of bread on your serving try and then go get the mixture from the fridge.

Using a fork evenly distribute the mixture onto each piece of bread. pat down the tuna mixture slightly to make sure nothing will fall off during transport to where ever you are going.

*** I do not toast the bread I wanted it to be softer when eaten***

Step 3: Assembly and Glazing

This is the fun part!

Now that you have your bread cut and covered in the delicious tuna mixture its time to slice some carrots.

1 - I used a mandolin slicer to cut the carrots so they were very small and uniform. The carrots will provide some visual interest and additional color but if they are cut to big then they will be to hard to bite. Make sure to slice them as small as possible and lay them down in an "X" shape on each piece of bread and tuna mix.

Slightly push down on the carrots at one end to secure them to the tuna mixture and raising up the other end. This is purely for aesthetics we want these horderves to not only taste amazing but look professionally done as well.

Now its time to glaze !!!

Balsamic glaze is a type of balsamic vinegar that has been reduced slightly to make it thicker and sweeter.

2 - In a "Zig-Zag" pattered coat all the fully prepped crostini with the glaze. This balsamic glaze is such a delicious addition to these tuna crostini, the sweet vinegar kick makes the dish, so be liberal with your coating but not so much as to cover the entire thing.

****ProTip - for those who like a spicy zing I added hot sauce to half of the batch I made in the same manor as the glaze****

3 - Take the remaining 1/4 green onion and sprinkle all over the crostini,

4 - Sprinkle dry dill weed over everything to give it a little dill twist.

Step 4: Finished !

And there you have it all done and with very little effort. These tasty and simple appetizers are sure to be a hit at any event or just to enjoy at home.

I hope you like the Instructable, good luck trying this delicious app


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