Introduction: Bamboo Bike Rear Rack

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Step 1: Material

picking out bamboo was simple any local hardware have them. I use a1/2 inch bamboo made for gardening and cut it down to size. instant adhesive twine cutting tools AND FIRE I'll explain later

Step 2: Pilot Marks and Framing

cutting down the bamboo pieces and gluing it together. me I eyeball and wing it the whole way. But what better way to express your artistic side if you go by the book.

Step 3: Wrap With Twine for Support

bonding it together with twine for look and actual physical use. .it came out great for that vintage look..I use the instant adhesive to bond it together

Step 4: Burn It

because the twine is fuzzy and messy looking use a lighter to burn it off for a cleaner look at the same time I blow torch it to stress out the bamboo and give it a unique look to it

Step 5: Epoxy Is Great

using epoxy to bond everything together and give it a clear coat finish any 50/50 mix will do ...eBay is cheaper ?


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Step 7: Final After a Few Adjustments

never work in the dark give it a rest until next day light
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