Introduction: Bamboo Fence

This is my bamboo fence. I hope you like it. It took a couple months, but anyone super committed could finish this on a weekend. Steps with many pictures below.

Step 1:

Go ahead and dig your fence posts and get that mess in order. I went every 6-7 ft which resulted in 13 total panels.

Step 2:

Find where you like your joist hangers. I just followed the contour of the land. Yet I staggered the completed panels. It's easier to start at the high right side. As mine slopped down right to left.

Step 3:

I put mine at the far back side to account for the width of the bamboo posts

Step 4:

I put one 2x4 in the joist and leveled out to be able to set up my next joist holder

Step 5:

Bottom one

Step 6:

Now to make the cut. I just eye it out and mark a line

Step 7:

Step 8:

Those fit beauty.

Step 9:

You want to secure the stringers (horizontal 2x4's ). I used cheap fence panel boards. You only need them to keep the stringers secure and well in place

Step 10:

I'll cut them short on that red line

Step 11:

I got on the back side of the fence to secure the stringers

Step 12:

Perfectly secure

Step 13:

You can now remove the entire panel and bring it to your work station.

Step 14:

2 sawhorses will due perfect as a good work area. Lay flat with the stringers exposed on top.

Step 15:

Depending on how thick your bamboo is will determine your screw size. I went with self drilling exterior screws. They worked very well and saved a lot of time from predrilling

Step 16:

Pick a side and put a screw in on both stringers on that side. I chose the left side because the ground naturally sloped that way a bit. My finger is my measuring tool to keep both screws at the same distance

Step 17:

Both screws in. Time to get some bamboo.

Step 18:

Choose any boards you like. Obviously some will be bent this way and that . Non of that bothered me much, it depends on your OCD.

Step 19:

I tend to grab just a few at a time to get the boards in as tightly as possible. Switching posts around will be inevitable.

Step 20:

Fully packed in. Not too worried about the hight right now, just getting them tight

Step 21:

At the very end I leave a near equal distance from the opening bamboo post.

Step 22:

Looks good

Step 23:

I always take my time on the first post I screw in. "Measure twice, drill once". Start on the last post you laid out.

Step 24:

First post screwed in

Step 25:

All the posts screwed in

Step 26:

Same for the bottom stringer

Step 27:

Find a heavy straight tool so you can keep a straight cut line. This thing worked perfect.

Step 28:

Ready to be lined out

Step 29:

Line drawn.

Step 30:

Pull out your trusty saw and cut it straight.

Step 31:

Same for the bottom side. I have my bamboo posts at 64-66 inches, depending on the slope.

Step 32:


Step 33:

Finished panel

Step 34:

Placed the completed panel into position.

Step 35:

Fits nicely

Step 36:

Remember to screw it in

Step 37:

Fill in the side gaps with a precut fitted bamboo post and drill it in

Step 38:

All your panels now put up.

Step 39:

Now add some cheap flat paneling to cover the exposed holes do no water can get in. This should add many extra years to the finished panels

Step 40:

A great feature is working around trees so they can not only live, but add beauty and feature.

Step 41:

You should be fully done. Hope this helps with your bamboo fence project.
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