Introduction: Bamboo Ladder/ Hanging Storage

Inspired by the use of a ladder for hanging towels on TV, I decided that I could easily make a ladder for scarfs. It's super easy to make  and you'll get that rustic yet simple look. 

What you need
Two long sturdy bamboo poles. Mine were approx 38mm wide by 180cm tall.
6 smaller bamboo sticks. I used 3 long stakes approx 90cm long by 20mm wide. I cut them in half.
Natural looking twine.
A pair of scissors
A small saw
a ruler

Step 1: Step 1

Use the saw to cut off any ends which are not flat. 

If you are cutting bamboo sticks in half, measure before you do so. It doesn't need to be perfectly accurate, but all rods need to be approximately the same size. 

Use sandpaper to saw off any rough edges.

Then measure out your poles so your cross poles are spaced evenly over your tall poles. I made mine approximately 30cm apart  Try to be as accurate as possible. 

Step 2: Step 2

Use the twine to make square lashings to fasten the cross poles with the uprights as tightly as possible. 

I found this excellent page on how to tie the not.
Square Lashing
As you can see from the photo, I added a cross in the middle. 
This cross is not necessary for the ladder to be solid. I did if for decorative purposes only. 
If you are following the page on how to tie a square lashing, between step 12 and 13, I wound my twine diagonally across the top of the small pole, then straight under the upright a couple of times to get the effect. 

Lash each cross pole onto the uprights, the same distance apart. Make sure your uprights are parallel. 

Once you have finished your knot, trip the loose ends to make it neat. 

Step 3: Finishing Off

Once your work is complete, you may need to move some of your cross poles if they are not quite in the right place. It is easier to move them horizontally than vertically. 

Simply hold the upright tight, and maneuver the cross pole to where you want it. You may have to wiggle it a little. Once you're done, you can lean it against a wall and hang things on it. 

Unless you use extremely strong materials and your lashings are fantastic, please don't attempt to actually use it as a ladder. 

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