Introduction: Bamiah ( Okra and Lamb Stew)

About: I am a dentist and I love feeding my family members healthy meals.

One bag (500mg) frozen okra, oil and salt, 7 garlic cloves, 500mg -700mg lamb meat previously cooked. Previously cooked rice withvermicili, one carton of tomato paste.

Step 1:

Add the okra to the hot pan and stir with oil and salt.

Step 2:

Add garlic and continue stirring till aroma is senced

Step 3:

Add tomato paste stir until the tomato paste is well mixed

Step 4:

Add meat and stir until covered well with mixture.

Step 5:

I move the mixture into a pressure pot and cook for ten min after adjusting salt. Tasting the sauce is essential at this stage. I also add some meat stalk and water .cover well and start time.

Step 6:

After ten min Icool down the pot under running water and remove slowly the pressure guard. Look at the homogenously cooked stew.

Step 7:

I already have ready cooked rice with vermicelli. Serve together side by side in an oval plate. The stew serving should contain meat okra and garlic portions and moderate amount of sauce. Enjoy.