Introduction: Banana Bread

This is for my Foods class we made banana bread muffins

Step 1: Mash Bananas

We peeled 4 rotten bananas and since they were soft we mashed them with a fork. The bananas are very sweet when they are rotten and brown. The more brown the better.

Step 2: Add Ingredients

We added sugar, oil, eggs, and the salt to the mixture and used a kitchen aid mixer. We mixed until combined.

Step 3: Sifting Dry Ingredients

We used a sifter to sift the flour and baking soda together. Then added it to the mixture

Step 4: Mixing Again

we then added the dry ingredients to the banana mixture and then mixed until fully combined. Do not over mix or the batter will become very stiff and hard to use.

Step 5: Adding Mixture to Muffin Tin

we took a 1/4 measuring cup and put that into each muffin tin to fill it up about halfway. Do not fill it up all the way or it will over flow.

Step 6: Finished

The muffins rose and were fully baked. We baked them for 25 min. Let them cool then take them out of the pan.